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Why Choose Fashion Designing Colleges for Progressive Career?


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When it comes to modern career choices, Fashion Designing tops the charts of all available careers in this category. It’s not only modern but it also tries to remain modern forever. Fashion is an extremely transient notion as it starts to fade the moment it comes to the fore. 

No wonder, fashion designing as a career has been the choice of modern men and women with a progressive thinking and outlook. Most fashion designing colleges are teeming with educated, modern and promising individuals. They learn and try out new things in their given field. 

Fashion industry has a global character. What becomes fashionable in one part of the word travels quickly to another. With fashion comes culture of the place and then follows the rest. So, fashion is a big melting pot for different cultures and ideas. Progressiveness is an essential part of its character. 


Career in Fashion Designing 

A career in fashion designing can make you look beyond the ordinary. It refines and transforms your taste from mundane to sublime. You are no more ready to settle down with the second-best; you aim for the very best each time you make an effort. That’s an attitude you get from a course in fashion designing. And, attitude is what makes an ensemble stand out as fashion. When attitude combines with the diversity of cultures, it makes fashion go beyond borders and become universal.

For example, a fashion designer can make political statements through his creations. Feminist wardrobes from leading fashion designers have been around for decades. Office wear for women designed by progressive designers has forever changed the power dynamics at workplaces. Fashion design professionals have been very prompt in standing in solidarity with different social and political causes. Sometimes, they are so progressive that they are mistaken for the weird. 

As a career, fashion design holds a great deal of promise and prospects. You can soon be designing dresses and fashion accessories for some of the leading personalities in the different spheres of life. You could be designing for top political figures, film personalities, sportspersons, socialites, and celebrities. 

The world of fashion is extremely big and there is no dearth of good career opportunities for a talented and hardworking individual. If you have professional training and qualification in fashion designing, it can help you a great in building your career in this modern and progressive field.


Bachelor of Fashion Designing

A bachelor degree in fashion designing can provide you with the foundation that can see your career soaring to dizzying heights. Even if it does not take off exactly that way, you will definitely have a good and reliable vocation for all your life. It’s because you develop countless numbers of arts and skills during your 4 years for the bachelors of fashion designing. These skills hold you in good stead when you are looking for a job and livelihood. 


Admission and Eligibility Criteria

Admission to bachelor of fashion design is open to all those who have completed or are in the final year of 10+2. Different institutes might have different admission procedures but most would ask you to give a test to prove your abilities and inclination for a career in art and designing. You should have a creative and artistic side to your personality.


What Kind of Career Opportunities Are There for Fashion Design Professionals 

When you choose to study a professional course, career is definitely one of the chief concerns. Does a bachelor degree in Fashion Design lead to a satisfactory career? Ideally, it should because over the course of 4 years that you study at an institute, you can learn a whole range of design software that alone can guarantee you a reliable career. But you lean a lot more in terms of stitching, fabrics, fashion, style, local and global markets. 

During your bachelor’s studies, you also get a good deal of interaction with successful fashion designers and fashion houses. This entire range of exposure makes you more confident about you and what you can accomplish. Your degree in fashion design means you have basic education, a skillset in fashion and design, you know the industry people and the markets. 

You have virtually everything to be successful in your chosen career. 


Where to Study

You can have a good career after your bachelor in fashion designing. But that is when you study at the right institution that invests in building the future of its students. There are many things that your institution can do to offer you a better education. 

Good quality faculty, improved curriculum, international visiting faculty, high quality infrastructure are some of the things that can make an overall impact on the kind of education being imparted. 

Interaction with the industry, visits to the fashion studios and production centers, internship at prominent business houses, and campus placements are some of the other things that go a long way in giving you a headstart in your career.


ITM Institute of Design and Media 

ITM Group of Institutions has a separate wing for design studies and it’s called Institute of Design and Media (IDM) at Nerul in Navi Mumbai. It runs various design courses including fashion design. The college has earned critical acclaim for its high-quality curriculum, faculty, and infrastructure. ITM Group of Institutions also runs a number of other professional programs including some highly-rated PGDM programs. 

The Institute offers a number of scholarships to deserving and early bird students. It also offers campus placement assistance to its students, with an enviable track record of 100% placement to students of the previous batches. 

Programs Offered