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Animation & VFX vs Graphic Design: Which is better?


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If you’re confused about graphic design vs animation degree, you’re not alone! Both these career paths offer a range of attractive choices and handsome salaries. While you will create attractive visual content in both fields, animation focuses on moving images, while graphic design focuses on static ones.

So, if you’re asking yourself, “Animation or graphic design, which is better?” here's a blog for you. This blog will explain the eligibility criteria, roles, responsibilities, and more. Read this blog to understand the two career paths better and make an informed decision.


Animation vs graphic design: Get the basics sorted

"Animation or graphic design, which is better?” Here we have the answer for you.


What is animation and VFX?

Animation and VFX, also known as motion graphics, is the art of adding life to simple characters. In this field, you will add motion and character to drawings, images, or paintings to make them more appealing. 

Animation projects have a longer production time because you will work with complex elements, such as texturing, visual effects, etc. 


What is graphic design?

Graphic design creates aesthetic visual content, mostly for printing and digital media. In this field, your art is your communication medium: you will design a layout that conveys a message.

A graphic design project has a shorter duration because the project elements are simpler. Daily tasks may include concept development, project revision, sustainable design creation, etc.


Animation vs graphic design: As different as day and night!

Settling the debate about graphic design vs animation degree, you can understand the key differences in this section:

Parameter Animation and VFX Graphic Design
Eligibility A B.Sc or B.Des degree in animation and VFX is mandatory. Next, you must choose a master’s degree and an M.Sc program. You can opt for a high school diploma program and a master’s degree.
The bachelor’s degree is a 3-year course, while the master’s degree will take two years. The diploma is one year, while the master’s program takes two years.
Along with the certifications, you can opt for add-on skill-based courses to enhance your resume. A degree in any related field, like fine arts or visual arts, is also valid.
Along with these certifications, you must also have a strong portfolio showing your design skills and portfolio.
Roles and responsibilities As an animator, your primary role is to bring scripts to life. You will use various software to design models, create illustrations, and give special effects to multiple characters. Your primary role would be creating visual concepts to convey or inform your consumers.
You will read the scripts and storylines to understand the client's requirements. You will study the design briefs and make a note of client requirements.
You will use specialized software to generate 2D and 3D animations. You will also be in charge of developing the overall layout of the design and its production.
You would be taking care of putting together visuals and audio. You will also take care of promotional advertisements or brochures.
You will work closely with other stakeholders, like the director or producers, to ensure timely project delivery. Work with other stakeholders, like copywriters, marketing team, or creative director, to produce the final design.
Skills required Software proficiency: This skill is of utmost importance. You must be proficient in software like Blender, Cinema 4D, or Adobe After Effects. Design principles: To combine various design elements, a graphic designer must be familiar with design principles.
Artistic nature: As an animator, you need a creative eye to ensure your ideas are reflected on the screen. Software proficiency: You must be proficient in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Being skilled in UX and UI design is an added advantage.
Storytelling ability: You need to be a storyteller so that your audience gets a catchy narrative and your characters have depth. Creativity: Ideation or creativity is the ability to generate fresh ideas. You need a creative flair to understand the client's requirements and devise unique solutions.
Teamwork: You must be a team player since you will work with many stakeholders. You will work closely with your client, and your team will have producers or directors. Typography skills: Typography is another vital skill for a graphic designer. With the right typography, you can evoke the correct sentiments in your audience.

Graphic design vs animation: Don’t settle for less!

The question, “Graphic design or animation, which is better?” bothers many learners. You can be a judge yourself when you know the pay scale offered by these two fields.


Average pay in animation and VFX

A beginner animator in India earns INR 2.6 LPA. Look for a vacancy in these high-paying companies to begin your career:

  • Technicolor
  • Embibe
  • Hi-Tech Animation
  • RealPage Inc.
  • Xentrix Studios



Average pay in graphic designing

As a beginner graphic designer, you can earn INR 2.7 LPA. The highest-paying companies to look into are:

  • Freelancer.com
  • Affinity Express
  • Whizamet Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Team Lease
  • Pearl Organization



Animation vs graphic design: What’s your final choice?

In this blog, we have settled the debate of graphic design vs animation. You have seen the variations of animation VFX vs graphic design skill sets, salary prospects, and certifications required. While choosing between the two careers can be tricky, the final choice rests with you.

If you choose to study animation, ITM is the ideal course for you. ITM offers the B.Des in Animation & VFX course, led by industry experts. With a robust curriculum, this degree will help sharpen your skills and give you hands-on training.

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Frequently asked questions

1) Is there any similarity between Animation & VFX and Graphic Design?

Although the two fields are quite different, they both require some common soft skills. In both fields, you will create visual content. You need to be creative, have strong communication skills, and have a sense of aesthetics. 

2) Which field will offer me more job opportunities, computer animation or graphic design?

You will find a range of career opportunities in computer animation or graphic design in both. However, animators are in high demand at present. So you will have jobs pouring in from fields like advertising and gaming. 

3) Can I switch from a career in animation or graphic design to any other field?

Yes, you can switch if you have relevant skill sets and are willing to do some re-work on your academic credentials. The most common fields open for you would be architecture or interior design. 

4) What is the average cost of studying either animation or graphic design?

The average cost of studying animation ranges between INR 5 LPA and INR 14 LPA. The course fees for graphic design range between INR 1 LPA and INR 5 LPA. The amount varies with universities, location, and course duration.