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Graphic Design vs UI UX Design


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Creativity has always been a high-demand soft skill. A recent study by Statista indicates that market revenue in the creative software market in India is expected to reach US $174.5 million by 2028 (Source). This is a great time to pursue a graphic design or UI UX career!

Graphic design creates visual solutions to communicate information about products and services. UI/UX stands for user interface and user experience. It focuses on creating interactive user interfaces, such as websites and apps, that are convenient and interesting to use.

Anyone looking to work in these creative areas must fully understand these career options. This blog will guide you through the best ways to select a path between UI, UX, or graphic design. Knowledge of the skills, tools, and approaches used in each field will help you choose based on your talents and goals. So, let’s clear the graphic design vs UX design debate!


Understanding the field of graphic design

Graphic design conveys messages through images, graphics, and other visual elements. Designers apply text, images, colors, or combining these three to create designs that capture people’s attention. 

Graphic design and UX design are closely related fields. UX design aims to enhance users' experiences with products, while graphic design stands out for its flexibility and ability to adapt to various industries. 

Advertising graphic designers work in the advertising industry, branding graphic designers focus on branding logos, and web graphic designers work in the website development industry. This line of work is naturally creative and provides a strong fundamental understanding of visual ideas. 

Choosing between UI UX or graphic design depends on which aspect of these design careers one is passionate about the most. 


Understanding the field of UI UX design

Conversely, user interface and user experience design primarily focus on creating the interface and experience of digital products for users. The UI/UX designer helps design virtual systems that are easy and engaging to use.

Skills in wireframing applications such as Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD are important for UI UX designers when designing prototypes. Plus, social and usability understanding of customers, their characteristics, and thorough usability tests can improve the user experience. 

It is also essential for UI UX designers to stay current with the latest trends and technologies to offer their best to consumers.


Graphic design vs UI UX design: The differences explained

The following section explains the difference between graphic design and UI UX design based on various parameters.

Work environment
Graphic Design UI UX Design
Creative agencies or freelance. Tech companies or startups.
Collaborative, but one can also work independently. Highly collaborative environment, often working with developers and product managers.
Projects for graphic designers can include branding, advertising, packaging, and marketing materials. They work on mobile apps, websites, software interfaces, and dashboards.
Graphic Design UI UX Design
Creativity and artistic ability User research
Proficiency in design software Wireframing and prototyping
Typography User interface design
Layout and composition Information Architecture
Course Curriculum
Graphic Design UI UX Design
The focus is on creating visually appealing designs, with topics such as the following: The emphasis is on user interaction and experience to create user-friendly and functional designs. Focus areas include:
Design fundamentals User experience and design principles
Layout design User research
Digital imaging Wireframing and prototyping
Print design Usability testing
Branding Interaction design
Illustration Information Architecture
Salary and professional prospects
Job Security Average Annual Salary
UI UX Designer High & Stable INR 6 Lakhs to INR 7 Lakhs
Graphic Designer High & Stable INR 3 Lakhs to INR 4 Lakhs




UI UX or graphic design: Which path should you choose?

Graphic design and UI UX design are the two promising areas for creative individuals who want to make a mark in the digital world. When choosing the right design profession, you must consider three key aspects: your abilities, preferences, and priorities. 

Graphic design is one of the most versatile and creative fields, allowing individuals to explore their creativity in drawing. 

On the other hand, UI UX design is the most appropriate field for anyone interested in the technological and psychological aspects of interaction with technology and those passionate about developing unique solutions to enhance user experience. 

Thus, choosing between UI UX or graphic design depends on your strengths and dreams. 

Analyzing the differences between various disciplines and identifying your skills and interests is the key to a satisfying career in design.



Graphic and UI UX design represent distinctive design fields because they address the problem or process differently. It is impossible to determine which is better since it all depends on one’s interests and goals.

Graphic design provides freedom of creativity and numerous opportunities, making it ideal for those who love the arts. On the other hand, UI UX designer is a good career choice for those passionate about problem-solving and improving digital interfaces for users.

Once you’ve found your answer to “Graphic design or UX design, which is better?” start exploring various courses to kickstart your design journey. ITM offers exciting opportunities for students who want to learn design and technology. Explore the graphic design course and UX design course at ITM Institute of Design & Media and kickstart your creative career!


Frequently asked questions

1) What is the average salary for a UI/UX designer in India?

The pay ranges from INR 3 Lakhs to INR 4 Lakhs (Source).

2) What skills are essential for a graphic designer?

Some critical skills for graphic designers are creativity, the ability to use software tools and knowledge of color and type.

3) How much do graphic design courses cost in India?

Numerous colleges in India provide graphic design courses, with fees ranging between INR 15 Lakhs to INR 17 Lakhs.


4) Is UI UX design a good career choice?

Yes, the demand for user-friendly digital products is high, and the compensation is favorable.

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