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What Do Interior design Institutes in India Teach


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Interior Design is one of those off-beat careers that can give a highly satisfying career. It’s creative and technical and there is a huge amount of work available in the market. So, there is little chance of you struggling to find a job or career after completing a professional degree in interior designing. 

A professional degree in interior design can open up many opportunities for you. You can work as an interior designing firm or can start your own business. As Indian economy is growing at a rapid pace, new offices and homes are coming up in large numbers. Even old offices and homes are being renovated at the same pace. This means interior designers have a lot of work to look forward to. 


In this blog, we are going to discuss the course content that’s studied in an interior design program.   


Drawing is one of the most basic skills required for a career in interior designing. However, when you join the course, you will be introduced to and trained in technical drawing. The difference lies in the size and proportion that you have to study and learn to be able to create designs for large spaces such as an apartment or office. This subject will help you understand how you can create layout or functional spaces. Designing a layout with a provision for office furniture is part of this subject.   


Construction Technology

As an interior designer, you need to have a good understanding of construction technology. This subject is also studied in engineering, especially civil engineering. It covers all important aspects of building construction, which may vary from residential apartments to offices, shopping centers, and malls. For an interior designer to be able to work for all these kinds of spaces, he must have adequate knowledge of construction engineering and technologies. 

Basics of Interior Designing 

Interior designing sounds as if it is entirely designing which is an artistic and creative matter. But the profession involves a great deal of technical functions for which specialized knowledge and skills are required. Beauty and aesthetics is only a part of a larger body of knowledge that also includes sizing, proportion, and construction. All these factors are responsible for making a home or office look good and beautiful. Basics of Interior Designing includes all these topics and more.

Furniture Designing

An important component of interior design courses is furniture designing. You will notice that an interior designer has to mostly work with woods in creating functional spaces in an office or home. For all these functions, the interior design curriculum includes furniture design in all its details. This means an interior designer has a good knowledge and understanding of designing good-quality furniture pieces. That’s why some interior designers make their career as furniture designers.  

Environmental Studies

An interior designer should be aware of the rising concerns against environmental degradation and people’s growing interest in eco-friendly materials and solutions. To make aspiring interior designers aware of this important aspect of construction and designing, they are taught lessons from Environmental Studies. They are suitably sensitized and introduced to available eco-friendly solutions.

Cost Estimation

A qualified interior designer must have an accurate knowledge and understanding of the costs of whatever project they execute. They are expected to give their customers an accurate quotation for a given task. And, they should be able to finish the task within the given budget. For this, they should have a good knowledge about the cost of different objects used in their interior designing projects. That’s why the curriculum includes cost estimation. 

Where to Study

However, much would depend on the kind of institution you go for your studies. A good-quality interior design training institute will hone your skills, and equip you with skills and knowledge necessary for making a successful career in interior designing. 

The number of institutions that offer interior designing courses in the country is extremely big. Before admission, you should make a thorough research about the institutions you intend to apply for admission. You should check out relevant details about curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, link with the industry, and placement. If the institution you are considering to study at scores high on these parameters, then it is worth your money, time and effort. 

Otherwise, you should choose another institution of high repute because your decision may make or break your future. So, you should not make a decision in a hurry. You should also not be carried away by the lofty claims of the institutions. You should do your research about the institution and, if possible, talk to a few alumni of the institute. This should give you a perfect guidance for your decision about the institution you should select for your interior designing course. 

ITM Group of Institutions

ITM Group offers a Bachelor of Design in Interior Design which is rated as one of the best programs for starting a career in interior designing. The program is supported by state-of-the-art-lab, training by expert faculty, and global industry exposure. 

This 4-year long course has been highly successful as 100% students in the previous batches got campus placements.  

Programs Offered