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Ways to Choose the Best Fashion Design Institute


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A course in Fashion design can lead to a highly rewarding and fulfilling career. The fashion industry, especially the apparel fashion industry, is growing at a rapid pace, and it’s creating a large number of new jobs. However, to be able to take up the new jobs in the apparel and fashion industry, you should be suitably qualified. The industry needs people who have the right set of skills and exposure. 

These prerequisites can be met only by students who come from high-quality institutions. It’s important that the students are imparted the knowledge, skills, qualities, attributes, and orientations that the industry requires. The students need to be trained for the kind of competition they are going to face in the real-world work environment. If the institution is not able to do this, the students will develop a negative view of the profession. 

So, how do you choose the best college for fashion designing? In this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the key aspects of a high-quality fashion designing college.  


There is no dearth of Fashion Designing colleges in India but not all can be trusted for a high-quality education. In fashion designing, there are at least 3 very important aspects: theoretical and conceptual understanding, practical training and skill development, and interface with the industry. For the students to be groomed properly for a fashion designing career, none of these components can be overlooked or relegated. 

A fashion design college should be recognized by a regulatory body. The recognition comes only when the institution fulfills the mandatory requirements in terms of curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, and other conditions. Accreditation to prestigious industry bodies and academic councils are further endorsements that the institution is high quality. 


A good quality fashion designing college will have an academic program or several of them that are aligned to the latest trends and needs of the industry. For example, you may have an interest in jewellery designing, rather than dress or costume designing. Does the institute that looks the most suitable to you have this program? Or, you may be more interested in designing textile or in merchandising? Does your institution have you covered? 

Many poor quality fashion designing institutions will press on with just any curriculum they may have. Updating a curriculum and having qualified teachers to teach new and emerging fashion trends may involve substantial amounts of effort and investment. Small institutions may not be able to afford this. So, it makes more sense to spend a little more money and join a good quality fashion design college that offers industry-relevant programs. 

Global Exposure

Fashion trends travel very fast and they often challenge geographical limits. As a fashion designer with big ambitions, it’s natural for you to think of a global career. Leading fashion designers having multiple stores of their labels in different cities around the globe is something very common. These designers often collaborate with their international partners and participate in global events. 

Does your fashion design college include global exposure as one of the key components of its curriculum? What kind of industry links it has with overseas partners? Are they going to help the students? These are important questions that link your career with the opportunities that lie at the global level. If your institution has a strong link with some of the global fashion designing colleges, fashion houses, designers, or manufacturers, you are likely to benefit from their expertise and experiences. 

Fees and Location

Fashion is an expensive business and many fashion designing colleges translate this into high fees for their courses. For some institutions, it may be justified but for many, it’s not. You should check out why a certain fashion designing college is charging a higher fee. However, you should not blindly go to the most expensive college, more so if you can’t afford it. If you have what it takes to succeed in fashion designing, you may grow well in your profession even if you choose a second-rung institution.

Location is another important criteria. Some cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, etc. have more job avenues for fashion design professionals. Studying fashion design in these cities can prove to be more helpful in finding quick employment after the completion of the program.  

ITM Group of Institutions: The Best College for Fashion Designing

ITM Group of Institutions have a separate School of Design where a number of programs are offered including in fashion design. It’s Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design is considered to be one of the best such courses in the country.

Studying at ITM has many advantages. The institution has a great reputation for successful campus placement. It’s due to a sound and industry-focussed curriculum that lays an equal emphasis on conceptual and practical education. 

ITM Group of Institutions run a number of professional courses including a highly respected PGDM program. A strong industry-interface is the hallmark of its professional programs. Its fashion design program is no exception.   

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