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Things you should consider before choosing the right instiute for animation course


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Animation as a career

The world of animation is huge and the skills you require to become an animator are plenty. One has to have a perfect blend of creativity and focus. This career choice can take you to places and make you reach greater heights. Remember movies like Bahubaali, Padmavat, Avatar, etc. didn't the characters, places, and scenes feel surreal to you?

Well, that is what animation does; it creates a world that may seem very much real to you, but it actually isn’t. Now think of the dedication you require to complete this course and make your mark in this industry. Earlier people were under the impression that animation is required only in the Media and Entertainment industry. Little did they know that the field of animation is enormous only if you’re smart enough to explore. 

Nowadays animation is used almost everywhere and anywhere. Ads you see on the Television are all examples of the creativity animation has brought.  Businesses have started using animation in selling their products and services on online platforms. This has helped boost customer experience online.

We are all aware of the fact that touch and feel is the most important aspect of buying a product or availing a service. With the help of animation businesses were able to deliver virtual touch and feel to the customers. Another best thing about choosing animation is that you get to learn digital marketing. For example, you get a hands on experience on website designing, video marketing, banner designing, etc. It depends on how much you are willing to explore the field. 

Since the animation course demands your complete dedication, it also requires you to learn about the technical part. Animation is a complex field and hence, to compete in such an intensive environment you require an institute that will guide and prepare you To help students.

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right institute for your career in animation. 

Course curriculum

There is a common misconception among students that in order to learn visual designing you must do a short duration course. This field is highly misunderstood due to lack of knowledge about the importance of the industry. Students are not aware of the opportunity one gains when they join the world of animation.Therefore, doing a 3 or 6 month course will not take you anywhere. 

You must opt for a full-time graduation program with a good quality curriculum that matches the industry standards. Since, the industry demands for skilled professionals, institutes must take this as an opportunity to encourage students by taking up this course. 

For example: ITM Institute of Design and Media offers students industry centric curriculum. Their course inclusions are designed and curated by industry experts. This gives students the advantage to be at par with the latest trends and changes of the industry. The institute gives students the flexibility to choose their specialisation. 

Quality placements 

This is the most important factor students evaluate before selecting an institute. The quality of placements an institute provides is directly related to the kind of reputation the college has in the industry. For any college it is important to maintain good corporate relations for the betterment of their students.

For example: ITM institute of design and management has in-house career counsellors providing details about the quality of placements the institute has offered over the years. The institute believes in being transparent with the candidates which help them gain their trust. Not only that, the college also helps in building students' confidence by encouraging them to connect with alumni.  

Infrastructure and facilities 

For animation courses or for that matter any designing course it is important to choose an institute that can provide the desired infrastructure and softwares. The industry mainly focuses on the level of practical knowledge you imbibe during the course. The candidate is evaluated on the basis of the software experience they possess.

This is only possible when the institute has the capacity to provide you with the software knowledge. Hence, the college you select must focus more on the practical aspects of the course. 

Recognition and faculty 

The institute you choose must be a recognized institute. The degree you get post completion of the animation course should be of value to the industry. Nowadays nobody wants to invest in a candidate who possesses basic knowledge about the field. Everybody out there is looking for a skilled professional or a candidate who has specialized knowledge about a particular domain. 

If you see, the animation industry is booming and it requires institutes to provide candidates who can contribute to this growth. This can be achieved with the help of the professors who teach you during the course. Hence, it is important to research the faculty the institute has, along with the qualification and years of experience they have. Always remember, in order to achieve success you need a mentor who guides and motivates you. 

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