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Latest trends in the Animation Industry


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Digital invasion of the physical world.

Many consumers believe that physical buying is much more reliable than digital buying. Consumers connect with the touch and feel of the product. This is because of the salespeople who offer to demonstrate products at the store. When the e-commerce industry entered the business world, they saw this as a threat and worked towards bringing in ways that could help them connect with the customers.  

Digital marketing to date is bringing innovations to improve the consumer buying experience. With the help of technology and various tools, researchers are able to deliver the touch and feel of the product on digital platforms. The industry has become so advanced that, with just a few clicks people like us are able to buy the product sitting at home.  

Remember the times when people used to watch plays of actors who performed live in front of the audience. This concept still exists today, however, not many people go and watch. It is because the Digital Era has completely changed the concept of media and entertainment. However fancy that may sound, it is much more complex in reality. To be able to connect with the audience digitally is a difficult task. 

It is due to animation, the entertainment world changed drastically. Things that were not possible in reality, have now been made possible through animation. This clearly proves that we are living in an exciting creative world. For e.g. Most of the action scenes from the movies like, “Padmavat”, “Krrish”, “Spiderman”, etc. were entirely dependent on the animator's creativity.

Imagine the demand there is for skilled professionals who do the job of creating an unimaginable world that seems real when viewed on-screen. Therefore, you will see institutes focusing solely to meet the demand without providing quality education, however, not all institutes are of a similar kind. 

For example, the ITM Institute of Design and Media is well aware of the fact that there is a demand for creators and designers in the market. To cater to this, much-hyped field, IDM works on the grooming skills and personality of a student. It offers a 3 years B.Sc course with a rigorous curriculum that is tailor-made with help of industry experts.   The institute believes in providing industry quality and not quantity. The course is designed in such a way that it has a perfect blend of theory and practical. The institute's infrastructure speaks for itself, it offers the latest software and technology required for animation courses. ITM’s International collaboration gives students a chance to explore opportunities In the foreign market. 


What are the latest trends in the animation industry?

The animation industry has come a long way. Especially the kind of innovations the field has made around the world are impeccable. With the introduction of 3D software, the field of animation became the most advanced industry that had ever existed. Even today, this innovation is appreciated and recognized all over the world. 

Every movie you see nowadays is made with the help of animation. Various dimensions in animation have brought life to the movies, which connects better with the viewers. So let us see some of the latest trends that are introduced in the world of animation.

  • Virtual reality 

Earlier it was extremely difficult for filmmakers to visualize the film before it was shot. Production houses today require to see a combination of what is captured in reality along with the effects. Since the investment made to produce a movie is huge, it was important to know what the outcome might be.  Things changed substantially when virtual reality came into existence. With the help of 3D visualization, it had become considerably easier to know the real picture. 

  • Cloud computing 

Cloud computing proved to be one of the most economical solutions for businesses, artists, and many more. This is used to manage time by calculating the preview of the shot they edit instead of working on the whole clip.  This helped businesses save a lot of money, as the editors were only working on what was needed, nothing extra. Companies will be able to focus more on bringing in new technology and innovation. 

  • Artificial Intelligence 

The action scenes that you see on screen look fascinating, don't they? However, the amount of time and resources you spend on them is tremendous. Each scene needs to be cut in frames and edited by using different software. To put an end to this ruckus, Artificial intelligence was introduced. 

  • Visual branding and marketing 

There is intense competition when it comes to businesses marketing their products on digital platforms. Creating a brand image online has become a necessity. However, it is important to give customers real-time information and experience. Visual marketing helps companies connect with their customers in a better way. 



In the above article, we have listed down the latest trends of the animation industry. Candidates who decided to pursue any animation courses must know that the industry is in dire need of skilled professionals. There is absolutely no doubt that the growth in this industry is never-ending. However, to enter the world of virtual reality one must have a zeal for innovation and creativity. 

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