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How to choose the RIGHT design college


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Finding the right course in a right college is a daunting journey, more so, when you decide to study design. Honestly, there are only a few good designing schools in India that have the right infrastructure and the modern curriculum that can meet the demand of the industry. But fear not! We will have listed the guidelines to assist you in your quest to find the best suitable option in design schools.

Don’t choose a favorite: At least, not right at the beginning. We are prone to pick a favorite at the very beginning of our journey. Please don’t do so. Have your options open upto 10 or 15. And, only then you will be able to find the right college for yourself. 

Most of the design colleges are like open books. They will allow you to visit their campuses to learn about their programs, facilities, faculties etc. With  little patience you can gather really good information about each college to select the right one. 

Identify your interest: Before you start searching for best designing college find out where your interest lies. Don’t take your decisions based on peer pressure or on opinions given by others. Explore your areas of interest and strength. You need to find a curriculum that you find interesting to pursue. 

Dig into the curriculum: It may sound obvious but trust us, many students & their parents often overlook this important step. If you want to know what a design college actually has to offer, dig into their curriculum. You need to find a program in the right college that will support your career goals. You may get an offer in fashion designing in the college of your choice, but will it really help if you want to become an animator or VFX designer? 

Keeping your future employers in mind search for colleges that have proper accreditation to offer the courses you want. For the bachelor of design courses, which are 4 years full-time programs, you need to look at the colleges that are UGC approved. 

Get to know the faculty: Obviously, because these are the people who will be delivering the curriculum. Try to learn how many instructors are available. Are they full-time staff or part-time? What is the ratio between faculty & students? Do they have visiting experts from the industry and from foreign institutions? 

Ask questions about the faculties, their qualifications, experience. 

Looking good so far, don’t forget to check out the following additional points.

  • Do they offer career development courses?
  • Do they have internship and placement support?

Since the end goal is to find a good career after your course, try to find a college that has a strong career development program. This may include soft skills and interview skills development training, internships, and on campus hiring.

Finding the right design college to study bachelor of design is often challenging. It’s time to make it simple. Remember, that everyone is different with different talents and goals, so there is no one set solution. Give yourself the time to find what is right for you. 

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