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Here's Why Fashion Designing is an Exciting Career


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Fashion Designing is an elaborate academic program that covers a wide area of activities and interests related to the creation of fashion apparel and fashion accessories. Why so many students choose fashion designing as a career is because they can find one or the other of their interests being covered under fashion designing. You may have excellent drawing skills, or a way with color and styling, or you are hooked to Fashion TV or the glamor of the fashion industry, a degree in fashion designing can turn your interest into your profession.  

More Substance than Glamor 

When you think of fashion designing what are the popular images that come to your mind? If you look at the fashion designing course details at a premier educational institute, you will find it’s got less glamor and more substance. It teaches you the basics of fashion and how to create it with different materials, especially fabrics, leather, precious and semi-precious metals. 

Catwalks as well as Creative 

Somehow, fashion designing has come to be associated with spotlights, fashion shows, catwalks, and skimpy clothes. That’s a popular image of the fashion industry, and in extension of fashion designing. But that’s not the complete picture of an industry that encompasses more nuanced, classic, creative, funny, and elegant expressions of creativity. 

Learn from Other Cultures

However, what might look skimpy in Indian context may be alright in other cultures and societies. Fashion designing teaches you not to be judgemental in these matters. It teaches you to appreciate the cultural diversity in matters of fashion and what you can learn and improvise for your context. 

It’s Pro Practical and Affordable 

On a more practical plane, fashion designing is also about designing the daily wear to be more comfortable and affordable. It’s about finding and innovating fabrics that requires less maintenance, lasts longer, and is more eco-friendly. 

Nevertheless, it also covers gaudy and hugely expensive film costumes, wedding dresses, and steampunk apparel if your preferences include these kinds of dresses. 

Why Is Fashion Designing an Exciting Career?

Fashion designing is an exciting career for all the scope and possibilities it offers to experiment and create. 

However, if you are not the type who would stitch funky or weird clothes, it has you covered. After a fashion design degree, you can find a job with a garment manufacturer who would put you to design a jeans that looks more regular than the most regular type of the jeans you find on the market. Is that cool? 

Yes, fashion designing is a world of super cool people and ideas. Once you find the groove in the profession, you feel at peace and enjoy the rhythm of daily chores at the workplace. 

You don’t necessarily need to be a fashion designer who has to hold fashion shows in multiple cities within a week, or attend Paris or Milan Fashion Weeks in the very first year of their career, or lead the fashion trends season after season. 

But if you want to do that, nothing stops you. Your fashion design degree will only help you achieve your dreams. The better degree you have the better prospects you have. By this, we mean your fashion design degree should be from a prestigious institution where they teach you how to become a leader and trend-setter. 

However, if you want to be completely away from sewing machines and yet in the fashion industry, you can choose to become a fashion blogger, launch a fashion magazine, or become a fashion stylist.  


Check Out Fashion Designing Course Details

To choose your fashion design institute, you should check out fashion designing course details and compare. If the curriculum includes what you want to study, you can go for it. For example, ITM Group’s Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design is a leading academic program for launching your fashion design career. You can contact the admission counsellor and ask for the details. You can also ask for scholarships that may be available for you.  

Typical Roles

A fashion design graduate may find jobs in many industries such as readymade garments, fashion apparel, textile, and fashion accessories. A career in fashion writing and blogging is also turning out to be a popular and money-making exercise these days. 

Here is a brief list of job roles that a fashion graduate may find:  

  • Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Show Coordinator
  • Jewellery Designer
  • Fashion Stylist 
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Fashion Photographer 
  • Fashion Forecaster
  • Assistant Designer 
  • Production Supervisor 
  • Quality Supervisor 
  • Costume designer 
  • Pattern Make 
  • Pattern Designer 
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Fashion Merchandiser 
  • Retail Buyer
  • Textile Designer

Concluding Thoughts 

A degree in fashion designing opens up a multitude of career options in the exciting and happening world of fashion where there is never a dull moment. More importantly, it opens up avenues for you globally. Fashion spreads very quickly as fashion should. Isn’t it? It’s lightning fast and that makes geographical boundaries irrelevant for fashion design professionals. So, you are truly on a global trajectory.   

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