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Difference between Fashion Designing Degree and Diploma.


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A peek in older times - Earlier, not many options were made available career-wise. For example, one had to decide amidst being a Doctor, Engineer, Pilot, CA, Teacher, Bank Accountant, and well that’s all about it. But as times progressed, different branches of study came into light, and courses were developed around them. 

Fashion Designing was one such stream that struggled to become one of the mainstream courses that it is today. Now, fortunately, a lot of public and private institutes all over the world offer fashion courses. Some even cater to teaching a certain specialization for those who want to master a particular segment of Fashion. Not only that, the period of learning varies with regard to the intensity of the curriculum - which is mainly classified into Degree and Diploma. 


Which one’s the best? Let’s find out - 

Fashion Designing Degree

  • It comprises of almost 3 years of collective learning experience that includes field visits, classroom learning, and practical training.
  • The eligibility criteria to opt for a degree course is 12th pass at the least.
  • Fashion Graduation programs focus on giving all-round, in-depth knowledge of the industry, right from the basic fundamentals to the advanced levels of styling.
  • Popular amongst students who want to get fully acquainted with the fashion industry and gain a detailed mastery in it.
  • The chances of getting a job are greater for a Fashion Graduate.
  • Opt if you have planned to do a Masters in Fashion Designing.
  • Ideas and Concepts are handled in a more complex way, spread out through various Semesters.


Fashion Designing Diploma

  • It is of a shorter duration as compared to a Degree.
  • The credit requirement and eligibility to get enrolled for this is either 10th or 12th pass with average marks. (eligibility depends on the institute)
  • Fashion Diploma focuses on a specific subject matter and trains the student to be a maestro in that particular subject.
  • Popular amongst students who want to have an overview of fashion and those who wish to upskill themselves in this area.
  • The chances of getting a high paying job on the basis of a diploma are slightly low in comparison. But, if clubbed with a good industry internship experience, it equals out the odds.
  • Opt if you are already from the industry, and want to get skilled in a specific area of Designing.
  • Since the fashion syllabus is divided into just two semesters, the attention span and speed dedicated to each topic is comparatively fast.


The final verdict 

Afterall what matters is your dedication toward the craft and how passionately you experiment with your art. Degree or Diploma doesn’t matter if you have the right will and skill for the job. If you still need to pick one, decide wisely by aiming for what you want to achieve in return. The nature of your requirement will clearly help you pick out the right option for you after reading the above differences.


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