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Careers opportunities after Fashion Designing: Limited or Endless


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Deciding to pursue a designing career is difficult. Designers undergo a lot of training to become experts to constantly think creatively and come up with great ideas. Therefore, a lot of career options open up for them. They can venture into many fields that involve creative thinking and designing.  

Let’s take a look at the many career options available to the graduates from the fashion designing colleges.


Fashion designers need no introduction. There are many celebrity designers who we idolize and wish to become like them. They are the people who create unique designs, shoes, jewelries, and accessories and set the trends. Their job involves sketching designs, choosing fabrics and patterns, and styling outfits and looks. They may have their individual labels or may work in association with some brands. 

It is undoubtedly one of the most creatively satisfying profiles that is glamorous too.


One of the most celebrated career profiles available in the field is  fashion journalism. They are the people who write about clothes, jewelries, accessories and discuss celebrity styles etc. It is a highly creative field that not only requires knowledge of designing but also great writing skills. 

To become a journalist you must graduate from fashion designing colleges or choose to specialize in fashion communication. An ideal candidate is one with a degree in journalism, English, or communication. 

Retail Buyers 

As a fashion designer you know what are the best styles for a particular market. A retail buyer is responsible for selecting the designs and styles that will attract customers and increase sales of the shop. You can have your own retail outlet or join a big chain. 


A stylist is a person responsible for creating flattening looks. One of the most challenging profiles, this is also very satisfactory if you have a creative bent of mind.  A stylist is responsible for choosing the right clothes, shoes, or accessories based on his/her client’s body type, choices, and events. Many celebrities from the film industry have their personal stylists who create their looks for the red carpet events, promotional events, or films. 

Textile Designers 

If you love sketching, this may be a good career option for you. You will be involved in designing patterns for fabrics to be adopted for interiors, drapes, soft furnishing, and clothes. You would be using CAD to design complex patterns and therefore, must stay abreast with latest technological developments.  

Fashion Blogger

If you have the flair for writing and the gift of the gab, then blogging is an amazing option for you. You can work for online magazines or can be an independent blogger. There is a great demand for fresh talents in the domain and is rewarding too. The bloggers can earn a lot of money for the content they generate and often enjoy great followership. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube are some of the popular platforms where you can create interactive content for the audience. 

As an industry and also as a choice of study, fashion designing is gaining a lot of traction. Number of students enrolling for the fashion designing colleges have increased manifold in the past years, which means the competition is on the rise. But if you have the talent and the training, it is still an emerging field to find exciting career opportunities.

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