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A career in fashion design is highly exciting and fulfilling. The joy of creating something that’s going to be liked by fellow designers and people at large is hard to describe. And, as a fashion design professional, designing and creating such goods is your day-to-day job. You are in an endless creative process; it does not stop after you leave the office or close the studio for the day. It eats, sleeps, and drinks with you.

Well, excuse me if you think I am trying to create a hype in favor of a career in fashion design. But let’s not forget, fashion is driven by hype, and as a fashion design professional, you must learn this art to do it tactfully and in accurate measures to be successful in the fashion industry.

In this blog, I am going to talk about the career path that stems from the study of bachelor of fashion design. A lot of young men and women choose fashion design for their bachelor’s study and enter the job market after completing the course that is usually of 3 to 4 years of duration. Many students, however, have to struggle for a right break in the industry. 

For the benefit of students, here is a roadmap we have worked out for the fashion design graduates so that they know what to expect at different turns of their career. 

What is fashion designing? 

It’s an academic program as well as a profession where one leads to the other. Many fashion designers may not have a formal qualification but they are having a great fashion design career in their own right. There could be many fashions houses and readymade garment manufacturers who started as mere tailors and stitching shops and went on to achieve greater success. These people and organizations now employ qualified fashion designers to drive the growth of their business.

Complete Your Bachelor of Fashion Designing and Internship 

You may not have to take this route of sel-starters for a career in fashion designing. You can get enrolled in the bachelor of fashion design and get off to a great career immediately after completing the program. 

However, keeping the examples of successful fashion houses and garment companies started by entrepreneurs without a formal qualification in front of you will help you when you feel lonely and tired in your career. This is usual and happens with everyone. We must have a strong drive to succeed in any field. 

Well, complete your bachelor of fashion design with all sincerity and on a positive note. Most probably, you will get a chance to intern with a leading business in your chosen field. 

Where to Study

ITM Group of Institutions offer a Bachelor of Fashion Design of global standards. The program consists of comprehensive classroom and practical training. It also includes an excellent industry interface. ITM Group of Institutions offers a limited number of scholarships to deserving and early bird applicants. So, don’t forget to claim yours.  

Find a Job and Learn Hands-on

After your bachelor in fashion designing, you should find a job to get more exposure to the industry and learn your basics on real projects and live work environments. With what you know because of your fashion designing education, you can find a job with a company in your chosen field -- apparel fashion, jewellery designing, fashion accessories, designer labels. 

At this stage, finding any job rather than a good job is important. Stick with the job for a while to gain experience and know a few people in the industry. A lot of people make the mistake of switching jobs too soon and too frequently for a few thousands buck more. It does not make a good professional out of you.

Go for Higher Studies

Since your basic qualification is only a bachelor’s degree, you should ideally study further. After some years in the job, you may get an idea where and what you lack in terms of skills and professional qualification. Try to find an appropriate program to bridge the skill gap or to augment your existing knowledge. If you can afford or manage, plan an overseas study. Studying at a reputed institution can significantly add value to your CV. Finally, take your senior’s advice and plan a study break. 

While going for your study break, make sure you have the goodwill of your employer and seniors. They are the people who may support you when you want to make a comeback. Even otherwise, you may need their help in the long career that you have in front of you. 

Collaborate and Startup

At some point in life, you have no choice but to get impressed with your own talents. You need to realize that you are capable of pulling off miracles. It is the time you reached out to the big and famous and let them judge your talents and capabilities. After all, you are in the fashion industry not to stay a pattern maker all your life. Reach out to all kinds of people for your success, try to collaborate, and start up new ventures.  

Concluding Thoughts 

A bachelor of fashion design can open up the right career opportunities for you. But during the initial phase of your career, you should not expect quick growth. Rather, you should try to find a foothold and create a foundation for a stable career. Then, you can gradually start being independent in your decisions and taking risks. A strong educational background will always keep you balanced and steady. So, value your professional education. 

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