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All you need to know about the Fashion Designing Industry


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Fashion Designing Course : An overview 

Fashion designing courses are one of the most creative and trendy options for the current generation of students. These young enthusiastic minds look forward to coming up with new ideas and creating something extraordinary. This course is not only trending in India, but also, has tons of opportunities internationally. 

Students get a change to experience lifestyle and work with huge brands in the international market. Fashion never goes out of style and this is why the industry has seen continuous growth and several changes over the years. 

A degree in Fashion Designing is the most viable option for students who wish to pursue their career in fashion designing. There will be many small duration courses available, but the certification might not hold the same value as of a degree course. 

Hence, doing a course in Fashion designing will open up ample opportunities for students. However, it is important to know which institute will be best suitable for successfully completing the course. To have a degree in fashion designing you must be dedicated enough to put all your hard work into the course. 

How do you select the right fashion designing college for your career?

You must know that the college you are going to choose must be a recognized university. This is because the degree you acquire from the course should hold a value in the fashion industry. Also, the infrastructure of the institute should have the capacity to cater to the requirements of this course. 

Many students are under the impression that the course does not require much theoretical knowledge, however, this isn't completely true. The course requires both theories and practical knowledge. Whichever fashion designing college you choose must have an exhaustive curriculum designed for the students covering all the necessary aspects of the course. 

For example: ITM institute of Design and Media has one of the best infrastructure designed for students. It has the latest technology available to teach practical parts of the course. The institute offers a 4 years Bachelor in Design Management with a much reasonable course fee. It is recognised as the best fashion designing colleges in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai & Raipur. 

The curriculum is tailor made under the guidance and knowledge of professionals. This helps the students to be at par with the trends and innovations made in the industry. ITM institute of Design and Media empowers the students to focus on personal development. The institute hosts engaging activities for students to come up with new ideas and use their creativity. ITM Group of Institutes also offer students Scholarship, giving them opportunity to fulfill their career goals and aims. 

All about the fashion industry!

Fashion has always been the centre for creativity and coming up with new trends. Just as we have witnessed the rise of e-commerce from the very old, yet traditional stitching machines concept. It is also said that, fashion designing is second the largest growing industry in the whole world 

The speed in which the industry is growing is faster in comparison to any other industry. Hence, the opportunity in the fashion industry is endless! It has witnessed some of the huge technological changes. Earlier we had fashion consultants at the store giving us advice, now, we have “try this” option on ecommerce websites that helps customers understand whether the outfits suits them. 

Technology has changed the way the garment industry operates. Not only that, in several outlets you will find virtual assistance in the dressing room helping you personalize your choices. The amount of time we spend on visiting outlet to outlet has been cut down just by one click. All you have to do is visit the brands website and start comparing prices, design, range, etc. 

There is no doubt that fashion runs solely on creating trends and being the trend setter. And that's why, you will notice that the younger generation do not stick to one thing for a long time. Their mindset changes with every change in the trend of the fashion industry.

We have seen a significant change in the way consumers shop, especially due to the rise of online applications. As a result, fashion professionals are always on their toes to come up with innovative ideas. It has become important for every other fashion brand to survive in this competitive industry. 

Final thoughts 

In this blog we have given an overview of the fashion industry and how it operates. We live in an era where change is the only constant. You will see each and every sector/industry adapting to the developments made. The business world needs professionals who are willing to adapt to these changes. The fashion industry requires people who can be resourceful to the company by showcasing their creativity. 

Also, It is important for fashion designing colleges to know how technology has evolved in the fashion industry. This information helps the institute bring certain alterations to the curriculum of the course. 


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