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7 things to know about becoming an Interior Designer


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Becoming an interior designer isn’t an easy task. So, you must congratulate yourself if you have decided to explore a career in this field. Though it has become a booming industry in India, people’s ideas about it are still fuzzy. You will come across many who still will confuse between a carpenter and a designer. Just don’t lose your heart. 

To help you get a right direction with your career, here is a list of 7 things that will help you evaluate if interior designing is a good choice for you. 

  • You like decorating: Did you always loved decorating? Do you walk into a room and immediately start to think you can improve it with your sense of style? Did you always get lots of compliments for your decor? It’s time to start noticing your interests. If you have a knack for decorating then it is the right field for you.
  • You have a good sense of aesthetics: An interior designer must  have a keen sense of color, texture, spatial arrangement, and architecture. Obviously you can train with an interior design course to improve your knowledge but you also need to have a natural sense of aesthetics to become successful in the field.
  • You are creative: It is one of the most creative fields and the designers train really hard to think creatively. A specially curated curriculum will teach you all about the history of design, ethics, philosophy, principles of ergonomics & designing, and also how you can transform your ideas into design using CAD.Find a college where you can learn hands-on.
  • You are good with maths : Unlike what most people think, this field isn’t all about choosing furniture for a room or the colors of the drapes. Designers are especially good with maths. How else will you be able to find symmetry, calculate the dimensions, or understand areas? You would need good knowledge of mathematics and geometry for that. So, start practicing now.
  • You are good with drawing: You will be trained on this during your graduation, but to begin you need to have basic drawing skills. A diploma in drawing could be an advantage.
  • You love multitasking: Interior designers are often required to work with multiple stakeholders at a time. Not only you will be working with your client, but also with builders, architects, government agencies etc. It will require good interpersonal & communication skills.
  • You are ready to work hard: Success doesn’t come easily. Often, especially, during your freshman years in this field you would have to work long hours with less payments. But once you gather the experience and build a  brand for yourself, you can enjoy high growth and success.

So, does it sound a great choice for you? Good. Now all you have to do is enroll for a good designing college that teaches you with modern curriculum and infrastructure. A bachelor in interior design course is a 4 year full-time program that will help you gain in-depth understanding of fundamentals that will be essential in building your career ahead.


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