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What Career Prospects Does PGDM in Digital Marketing Have?


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A PGDM in Digital Marketing is one of the most versatile and fascinating professional courses after graduation. As almost all businesses are out to tap online marketing opportunities, the demand for qualified digital marketers has grown tremendously over the past few years. Internet marketing was once believed to be an exclusive domain of  silicon valley geeks. But now it is one of the most popular career options and PGDM Digital Marketing is one of the hottest specializations offered by business schools. 


A Cool Option from Today’s Generation

A PGDM course in Digital Marketing is a cool option for today’s generation which is more tuned to a computerized work environment riding high on bandwidth and telecom revolution. From large corporations to small businesses, almost everyone is benefiting from online marketing. Meanwhile, the pecking order of top businesses globally has seen a huge disruption where digital products and marketplaces have become the biggest businesses and companies, grossing stupendous amounts of revenues.

For example, Google India 2019-20 revenue grew by 35% to Rs 5593.8 crore. Facebook India’s 2019-20 revenue rose by 43% to Rs 1277.3 crore. Amazon India’s revenue increased by 43% to Rs 10,847.6 in 2019-20. These are some of the examples where digital businesses are topping the revenue charts. There are thousands of other companies that are doing equally well, or even better, in their niche. 

To provide the kind of push for these companies to grow and stay ahead, thousands of qualified digital marketers are needed every year. In this light, PGDM institutes offering high quality PGDM diplomas in Digital Marketing are going to remain in business. 


Where to Study?

As a branch of knowledge, digital marketing is relatively new and experts who can teach fresh graduates the techniques and nuances of online marketing are very limited. In this backdrop, choosing the right institution for your PGDM in Digital Marketing is extremely important. There are many PGDM courses in India. Before applying to a business school for the program, you should check out the curriculum and faculty. The best PGDM colleges in India are AICTE approved PGDM colleges. 

If the curriculum is exhaustive and covers all aspects of digital marketing and if the faculty has an appropriate background in online marketing, then only you should proceed with your admission formalities. To cash in on the growing craze, a large number of institutions have started offering digital marketing programs. 

Not all of them have high-quality curriculum or teachers. If you take admission to those colleges, your experience of learning digital marketing will be completely spoilt. So, it is of critical importance that you enroll in a business school of repute where academic excellence is part of their culture. 

For PGDM in Digital Marketing, we would like to recommend you the ITM Business School. Established in 1991, the group now offers its PGDM from 6 campuses across the country. It has an intensive curriculum that combines at least 1000 hours of classroom and 300 hours of projects, industry-visit, and mock drills. It offers PGDM iConnect in Digital Marketing and Transformation. The program has an exhaustive curriculum in digital marketing and is considered one of the best in the industry. 


What Do You Study in PGDM Digital Marketing?

There are some important tools that help marketers tap the online resources to increase brand awareness and also grow sales. These tools include SEO, Keyword, SEM, Social Media Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing to name a few of the leading concepts at work in digital marketing. But each of these concepts have hundreds of other ideas and concepts. 

However, instead of these technical concepts sound jarring, they are interesting once you start understanding them. One concept leads to another and opens up new vistas and opportunities. For example, have you ever tried putting an ad on Facebook? Once you try and put an ad on Facebook, your entire outlook and understanding of Facebook might change. 

So far, you have been using it to chat with your friends and share your posts and photographs. But now, you are using it to increase your business. Earning by engaging with your audience on Facebook can be a different hookup you had never thought your petty Facebook account is capable of. 

But when you want to optimize your Facebook ad, you are going to use the most searched keywords. Leave that alone! Now that you have realized the power of Facebook ads, you could be tempted to use other platforms to increase your business. So, you reach out to Twitter, Linkedin, Google, and popular websites. Your world has become bigger and your marketing initiatives have taken a definite digital turn. But a lot is waiting to be discovered when you do a PGDM in Digital Marketing. 


Some of the topics that you will study as part of your PGDM in Digital Marketing 

  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing
  • Understanding Traffic
  • Designing of Home Page
  • Designing of Pricking Page
  • Website Auditing
  • Facebook Events
  • Facebook Ad Structure
  • Remarketing Rules
  • Remarketing - Website Visitors
  • On-Page, Off-Page SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Mobile SEO


Final Thoughts 

PGDM in Digital Marketing is a highly popular professional program today. The career opportunities in the booming online marketing space is a big driver for this popularity. However, there are not many business schools with appropriate resources and domain expert teachers. In this backdrop choosing the right institution is very important.  

You can talk to ITM Group’s admission counsellors for more detail about the course. There are also some scholarships available for deserving and early-bird students. 

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