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5 Trending Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing


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The best part of digital marketing is that anyone can aspire to be a digital marketing professional, irrespective of their educational background. No matter, whether you are an engineer, lawyer, or a journalist, you can pursue a digital marketing management course, and spread your wings in the industry.  


Top Career Options after Completing Digital Marketing Management Course

  • Content Manager

Whether you are planning a PPC campaign or an SEO program, the quality of content plays a key role in its success. While it is the job of content writers to create engaging and useful content that interests the readers, a content manager decides what sort of content is to be written for different campaigns. 

A content manager is responsible to oversee and coordinate the work of all the content writers, assign the work to each writer based on his/her subject matter expertise, proofread and edit the work, and ensure that the writers stick to their deadlines. The content manager is also in charge of getting the blogs, articles or the content published on time and to maintain the quality of the content.

 There are no specific qualifications to become a content manager, but experience in content writing and understanding of analytics is an added advantage. Pursuing a course in digital marketing management can help you get an edge over others. 

  • SEO Executive

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a critical aspect of digital marketing. An SEO specialist understands the various factors considered by search engine algorithms to rank websites. They take care of the SEO strategy of a business right from the planning to implementation. 

The responsibilities of an SEO executive include planning and implementing the SEO strategy, researching the keywords used by target audience while searching for the products or services offered by the organization, formulating a keyword strategy to improve the website rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), taking care of link building, web directory listing, online PR, and analysing the performance of different strategies. 

A good understanding of SEO and a minimum experience of 2 years in the field can help you land top jobs as SEO manager or SEO executive.

  • Blogging

Blogging is an exciting career stream in the digital marketing industry if you have a flair for writing and great vocabulary. A blogger’s primary job is to create informative and engaging blog posts or articles and publish them on the website or blog. As a blogger, you can either work in the digital marketing department of a company or act as a freelance blogger. 

A blogger has to write educational blog posts to highlight the uniqueness of different products and services of the company. They have to write articles and blogs that aid in improving the brand reach and establishing the thought leadership of a brand. Bloggers work in coordination with the SEO team and create content using the keywords that improve the search rankings of the website. 

A bachelor’s degree in English or other regional languages is a great qualification to pursue a career in blogging. However, it is not a compulsion. Anyone with good researching skills and a knack of putting different ideas on paper in an easy to understand and engaging manner can try their hand at blogging. 

  • Graphic Designer

Graphics play an important role in improving the user experience of a website, blog, or a social media post. Graphics make the content look appealing to the viewer and motivate him to engage with the content. 

A graphics designer is responsible for creating captivating advertisements that inform and inspire the consumers about the brand, create brochures and other marketing materials, and design the layouts and product designs for various digital marketing campaigns. 

Along with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, knowledge of design software and the latest computer technologies is a prerequisite for a career in graphic designing. You can also pursue various short term courses in graphics designs to explore a career in this field. The average wage for graphics designers is $ 52,110 per annum.

  • Pay Per Click Marketing Executive

Pay per Click or PPC marketing is a critical tool in organizations digital marketing toolbox. Different platforms such as Bing, Facebook, Google, etc. provide paid advertising opportunities for business organizations. These PPC ads help brands to reach out and connect with their target audience, who are actively searching for their services. 

A PPC manager is responsible to oversee the formulation and implementation of a PPC campaign. The PPC manager has to identify the right platforms based on buyer personas, create striking PPC ads that attract audience attention, A/B test multiple campaigns, and track the performance of different campaigns to ensure maximum ROI.

Good knowledge of Google analytics and certification in Google AdWords is necessary to make a career as a PPC manager. Enrolling for a digital marketing management course that covers Google Analytics, Facebook marketing, Google AdWords can catapult your digital marketing career to the next level. 

There are many other career streams in digital marketing such as social media manager, influencer, UI/UX specialist, marketing automation specialist, etc. A digital marketing management course will help you to develop subject matter expertise in digital marketing. You can choose any of the career paths after completing the course. 

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