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We all have noticed that despite the presence of many hotels, only a few are able to draw a large number of customers. Many of the hotels have largely similar services and amenities. But a few of them are able to do better business than the majority of the hotels. It’s because of the strategic positioning of the hotels. Some hotels are able to create unique experiences for their customers that make them return to the same hotel again and again. 

However, before we go on enumerating the ways strategic positioning can be implemented for your hotel, let’s have a few words about the importance of studying your hotel or hospitality management programs at the right institution. 

Where to Study

When it comes to choosing an institution for the study of hotel management, you should be careful. There are many hotel management institutes in Mumbai but all of them don’t offer you the same high quality of education as some of them do. If you study at a reputed hotel management college in Mumbai, you will receive intensive classroom and practical training. Besides, you will also receive opportunities to interact with top-class visiting faculties and industry leaders. Finally, the institute will send you for an internship and help you in campus placement. All these features may not be there in the same measure and quality in all the institutes. That’s why you should do enough research and study at only the most reliable and high-quality institutions. 

ITM Group of Institutions has a dedicated wing for hotel and hospitality management courses. It offers a range of Certificate, Diploma, and Bachelor’s programs in these disciplines. These programs are very well received by the industry as 100% students have got campus placements in previous batches. The institute also provides a bachelor program in international hospitality and tourism management.  

In this blog, we would discuss ways that can help you in strategic positioning of your hotel. You can study these methods in greater detail in a Hotel Management Course in Mumbai. Here are some ways you can achieve this: 

Key to Success of A Hotel Business 

For a hotel management professional, it’s important to understand how strategic positioning of the hotel brand can improve the business and revenue. A hotel is part of the services sector which means providing services is the product it sells. To make its offering better, it needs to improve its quality and services. Anticipating the needs of the customers and providing the services and experiences that exceed the customers’ expectations is an important factor in the hotel business. The entire staff and the resources should be geared up to providing excellent customer experiences.  

Naming the Hotel Rooms Differently

Have you given a thought to naming your hotel rooms differently. You can name them, for example, standard, premium, and platinum. But you can also name them as Corner Rooms, Mountain View Rooms, or Rooms By the Pool. Which of these two methods will you use? The second option gives more information about the hotel rooms. Someone who is wishing to have a quieter time at your hotel might like to choose the Corner Room while those who are interested in spending time by the pool will choose the room located close to the pool. By choosing to give your hotel rooms more appropriate names, you can be able to market them more easily and better. 

Strategic Advertising 

While preparing an ad campaign for your hotel, you can set your goals clearly and try to achieve them by strategic advertising. For example, when all hotels offer similar services, amenities, and foods, what’s the speciality of your hotel? You should find or create to highlight it. You can also take the opportunity to list out all the details of your products, services, and amenities. This will help you make your existing as well as prospective customers know the full range of products, services, and amenities at your hotel. You can highlight the fact how customers are going to have better comfort and experiences while they stay at your property. 

Make Use the Menu 

Does your hotel have a restaurant, coffee shop, or any other similar facility? Use the menu and brochures to highlight the special features in these facilities. For example, you can include all that your restaurant’s kitchen can make. If the entries of the dishes and beverages become too lengthy, let it be. Usually, customers come to the restaurants with a pre-decided menu that they want to eat. But they like to read and flip through the pages of the menu. You should make sure that your customers find enough entries and pages in your menu. Similar care should be taken in all other brochures used by other facilities such as coffee shops, spas, bars, etc.

Concluding Thoughts 

There are many ways by which you can achieve strategic positioning of your hotel brand. We have discussed some of them in this blog. You can study them in greater detail in your hotel management program. Just make sure you study the program at the right institution because it can have a lasting impact on your career.  

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