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Post Graduation Degrees That Will Boost Your Career Growth


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Compared to a simple Bachelor's degree, Post Graduation courses can offer many advantages. Enhanced career opportunities, higher remuneration, increased job satisfaction, personality development, and greater social and professional networking are some of the visible advantages of a PG degree. Since post graduate diploma courses bring so many benefits, the only question that one may ask is what specific course or specialization one should go for.

There are some of the best PGDM courses in India but they don’t seem to equip you with any special knowledge or skill that makes you a domain expert. If you put in a little bit of thought and planning, you can use the opportunity and earn a PG degree that helps you in your career. 

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the post graduation courses that will equip you with knowledge and skills that you can use at your workplace to boost your career growth. But before we do that, let’s have a few words about the best PGDM courses in India and the importance of a good institution for your PGDM. 

Where to Study

Many of these post graduation courses are available in PGDM format where the admission process is simpler and more straightforward. While Master’s programs in a university will ask for relevant academic background, PGDM courses would just want you to be a graduate with 50% marks.

While choosing the institution for your Master’s or PGDM, you should be careful to choose only reputed and high quality institutions such as ITM Group of Institutions. This will help you both in campus placement and your career in general. In terms of campus placement, ITM Business school is one of the top PGDM institutes. 

The employment scenario or the new skills required at the workplace are changing rapidly. And, the employees who are keeping pace with the changes and go for reskilling and upskilling are always ahead of the curve. A Master’s degree in new and emerging technologies or a professional program can significantly enhance your importance at the workplace. 

So, what post graduation courses are there to choose from? We have prepared a list of the top PGDM courses in India that can boost your career.   


Top Post Graduation Courses

  • Master’s in Business Analytics

Today’s digitized world creates huge amounts of data in text, images, videos, and audios. If you can use mathematical, statistical, and computational skills and tools to analyze the available data, it can throw up valuable information, insights, and opportunities. 

These can further be used for sales, marketing, and business development. They can also be used for product and project development. In fact, it opens up endless possibilities. This entire range of knowledge and functions come under the purview of Business Analytics and it’s being used by large corporations such as banks, insurance, and real estate companies to name just a few. 

It’s one of the sunrise sectors where a great career lies ahead.  

You can dedicate yourself to study and learn what makes the world of business analytics so much in demand now. Since business analytics is similar to crystal gazing with greater accuracy and efficiency, it has applications in virtually every field. This must comfort you as the future of your career is going to be safer.  


  • Master’s in Data Science 

Close to Business Analytics in content as well as popularity, a Master’s in Data Science can give your career a fruitful direction. A data scientist understands the amount of data that exists and gets generated on a daily basis. His job is to organize it in a manner that relevant data and information can be accessed easily. There is a huge shortage of qualified and experienced data scientists. 

In the corporate world, data is being considered as the new ‘oil.’ It’s going to drive the businesses and the company who has got the big data and data scientists will reap the maximum advantage. There are quite a few business schools that offer Master’s in Data Science. 


  • Master’s in Accounting

Accounting is one of the key departments of any business enterprise. Doing a Master’s in Accounting can help you strengthen your position in the company’s accounts and finance departments. The PG course will require you to study, analyse, and research deeply about various facets of accounting, taxation, and other financial matters. You are able to grasp the significance of all the accounting and financial data that is available to you in your organization. This makes you an important member of your company and you may be invited to participate in the decision making process. For doing a Master’s in Accounting, you need to have a Bacherlor’s in Commerce degree. 


  • Master’s in Finance

For a career as a finance professional in a reputed business house, you will need to have a Master’s degree in Finance. You can also choose a PGDM course with Finance specialization. We all know finance is the lifeline of a business organization and a suitably-qualified person can scale the corporate ladder quickly. Finance is a broad term that encompasses everything related to money, capital, and investments. A Master’s degree in Finance opens up many career opportunities. You can find a job in a bank, financial institution, and finance department of a company. You can work as a bank manager, finance advisor, investment banker, portfolio manager, and so on. 

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