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Do I need a course to start a digital marketing career?


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This is the technological era we all are living in. Our lives are slowly shifting to technological revolutions, and we are more or less becoming dependent on it. Our day-to-day lives are surrounded by phones, laptops, smart TVs, and other gadgets. In previous times T.V and radio were the medium of marketing, including print media like newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, and many other things. Advertisements on them were the only source through which different brands and companies try to reach to their respective customers, or tries to create a wider market. Now the focus is shifting from those long advertisements to produce marketing content on social media platforms. In short, this is digital marketing; the art of creating content for social media or for the internet is friendly to all modern devices like phones, laptops, and others, through which the companies or brands and even local businesses can reach directly to different people and can sell their product to a very large audience. It is about creating a wider market for your product. Digital marketing is the need of the hour and being an expert in this field can take you to different heights. This is a career for dynamic minds and those who are ready to learn every day, it's one the most evolving career in present times.

Multiple career paths in digital marketing

There are many career paths related to it. Some of the best options are you can become Search engine optimization (SEO) master and can help websites to become more search engine friendly, search engine marketing (SEM) is also among the trending options; here you need to market and advertise websites on search engines, content marketing includes making content that ranks and helps in building a solid brand, there are many other options to look for. The list is too long, you can imagine how important this course is by just imagining the opportunities it provides. You must know all the pros and cons of a course before enrolling yourself into it.


There is no set benchmark for qualification in digital marketing. The most important thing here is the skill set. You should have top-notch skills and knowledge about your respective field. Most of the recruiters and those who need a digital marketing expert still want an individual who has graduated from a well renowned Digital marketing course. So you must opt for one such course. A course will not help you earn a certificate but at some level will help you increase your skills, give you a boost in confidence and help you to in having an amazing career.

Benefits Of Certificate

Having a certificate gives you an extra edge among your competitors while taking jobs. A course will also give you an in-depth knowledge; helping an individual to reach different heights. Some advantages of having a certificate are listed below.

  • Professional recognition: A digital marketing certification will help the employers to recognize that you are a person of quality and you have a sea of knowledge. It makes you the candidate to be hired by the employer.
  • Proof of quality: it is seen in a study that those individuals who have certified courses backing them in the industry are having higher chances of getting a fast promotion as compared to those who are not having one. The reason behind this is that certification acts as a proof; proof of quality along with your work. Many individuals have even stated that after completing their courses they learned a lot and applied them in their career.
  • Enhanced industry knowledge: A digital marketing course will not only help you with your skills; it also gives you insight into the real world market and the trends of the industry. It prepares an individual from both perspectives, i.e. knowledge and business point of view. You will not only learn how to apply the practices into your job but also learn how to survive in the challenging market.


This age is the technological age. Everything revolves around technology. In the business sector, there is immense competition as the human resource is increasing day by day; the result of the over increasing population.No matter what field of expertise you choose you will no doubt face competition. The same is with the field of marketing in the digital world, there is a rat race where everyone pretends to be an expert. You will need a certified course in Digital marketing to stand out and outperform others. We suggest every individual who is looking for greater opportunity in their careers must go for a programming course. The average salary of digital marketing can be anything from thousands to lakh per month. It depends on your skills and the way you execute them. One can say that sky is the only limit in this field.

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