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6 Job Oriented Courses After Graduation


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A bachelor’s degree does not take you far in your career. It’s mostly because the curriculum at the graduation level does not impart any special skill or knowledge that makes  you indispensable at the workplace. Since a graduate can be easily replaced by another graduate, a bachelor’s degree is considered just not enough for a good and steady career. If you are serious about having a rewarding and fulfilling career, you should seriously think about higher education.  

There are many courses after graduation that you can pursue to enhance your career and job prospects. These can be post-graduate level professional programs as well as short duration certificate and diploma programs. By joining one of these programs, you prove that you give due priority to education and career planning. It shows that you are not swayed by instant gratifications but have a long-term planning and vision about your career. 

So, what should you study after graduation? This is a serious question because there are unlimited choices and it’s not easy to settle down with one. The dilemma becomes all the more acute because as a fresh graduate, the orientation and specialization of your academic life are not clear. You still have to find the calling of your life. While a higher-education degree can help you professionally, choosing which program to go for may not be easy. 


To make things easier for you, we are going to present you a list of 6 job-oriented courses after graduation. 

  • PGDM

Post Graduation Diploma in Management (PGDM) is one of the most popular professional programs for fresh graduates. It allows the students to undergo a systematic study of business administration and transforms them into management professionals. The number of institutes offering PGDM programs is many and you can find them virtually everywhere -- in almost all Tier-I and Tier-II cities. 

One of the very popular PGDM programs is PGDM in marketing. A postgraduate marketing course can lead to a large number of career opportunities. The PGDM marketing syllabus covers an entire range of theoretical, practical, and industry-specific content. The marketing management course can enhance your job prospects tremendously.    

However, like everything else in business, brand is an important factor here. When you enter the job market with a fresh PGDM degree, the first question that your interviewer might ask is the name of your Business School. Graduates from a high-quality institution may find preference over PGDM holders from lesser-known management colleges.  

This makes the case for choosing the right business school but this does not mean you should choose the most expensive business school. You should keep a balance between affordability, quality and brand value. 

Admission Process: Admission to PGDM course is offered to graduates with at least 50% marks. The process includes an entrance test, followed by group discussion, and personal interview.      

Where to Study: ITM Business School offers PGDM programs with 13 different specializations and these programs are greatly valued by the industry and fellow professionals. It also offers scholarships to deserving and early-bird applicants. 


Besides PGDM programs, ITM Group of Institutions also have quite a few other programs that you can take up after graduation. These programs include:

  • Fashion Designing
  • Interior Designing
  • Hotel Management
  • Health Sciences
  • Microbiology
  • Optometry
  • Biochemistry


  • Digital Marketing 

While digital marketing is available for specialization in PGDM, you can also do it in a standalone format. Various national and international organizations offer digital marketing programs of varied durations. Depending on your interest and motivation, you can choose a program of suitable duration and cost. 

A lot of students are still not able to realize the importance of digital marketing and how it’s emerging as the leading career choice. If you have any inclination towards it, you should not waste more time. A program in digital marketing can launch your career on a solid footing. 

Where to Study: For a PGDM in Digital Marketing, you can choose ITM Business School. For other types of digital marketing programs, you can choose an institute as per your budget and location preferences. You are likely to find digital marketing training centers in Tier-I and Tier-II cities. 

  • Blockchain Certification 

If you have heard of bitcoins and may be wondering what blockchain technology is, let us tell you that both alternative coins and blockchain technologies offer some irresistible career options. Blockchain is a technology that allows storage of data in a distributed manner and secured by encryption. All members can access the data relevant to them. 

Using this technology, bitcoin and now more than 2000 cryptocurrencies have created a parallel digital payment system that bypasses the central banks and government jurisdictions. It also ensures there is no depreciation of money even if the inflation goes up. 

The blockchain technology is now being used in other spheres as well. For example, a health passport called CovidPass was launched where members can store their covid-related medical data which will be secured by blockchain technology. Anyone who wishes to fly can allow the authorities to check their covid status and medical history. Upgrad offers a PG certification in Blockchain Technology. You can go for it for a futuristic career option in Blockchain technologies.


Other notable courses after graduation includes:         

  • Financial Risk Management 
  • Business Accounting 
  • Business Analytics


Concluding Thoughts 

There are many promising courses after graduation that can catapult your career into a much higher plane. We have covered some of them in this post. However, the exact list can run into 100s of such courses. For example, Data Visualization, Java, Tally, and many others promises a rewarding and satisfying career. You should do your research to see what courses you may like to do after graduation.   

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