Business Quiz

Volume 2 Issue 1 June 2018 : Prof Sanjay Sinha

1.      Find the ODD one out:

(a)    Carolina Wozniaski

(b)    Jelena Jonkowich

(c)    Chris O’Neil

(d)    Victoria Azarenka


2.      Service Marketing is the same as:

(a)    Internet Marketing

(b)    Telemarketing

(c)    Transactional Marketing

(d)    Relationship Marketing


3.      Which one is TRUE about Scientific Research:

(a)    It should be Reliable but not Valid

(b)    It should be Valid but not Reliable

(c)    It should be Valid and Reliable

(d)    It should be independent of Valid and Reliable


4.      Find the odd one out:

(a)    Historical method – Past Events

(b)    Survey method – Illusion Events

(c)    Philosophical methods – Vision

(d)    Experimental methods- Future action 


5.      Cooking oil is converted into vegetable ghee by the process of:

(a)    Crystallization

(b)    Condensation

(c)    Hydrogenation

(d)    Oxidation


6.      Glass is a:

(a)    Pure solid

(b)    Supercooled liquid

(c)    Gel

(d)    Polymer


7.      Uranium eventually decays into a stable isotope of:

(a)    Radium

(b)    Thorium

(c)    Lead

(d)    Polonium


8.      Who wrote the Nasik Prasasti (eulogy):

(a)    Queen Nayanika

(b)    Sarkarni

(c)    Simuka

(d)    Goutami


9.      The founder of WikiLeaks is:

(a)    Richard Heck

(b)    Robert Edwards

(c)    Julian Assange

(d)    Rick Perry


10.  Market Driven strategies include:

(a)    Identifying problems in the products of the company

(b)    Planning Marketing tactics of peers

(c)    Positioning the organization and its brands in the market place

(d)    Selling the same products in the market place



Answers to Quiz questions appeared in Corporate Notepad Volume 1 Issue 2, Dec 2017


Prof. Sanjay Sinha is HOD Finance Department, ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai

He is M Phil (Fin.), MBA (Fin), Adv Dip. In Finance, MSc (Statistics) and authored

two books and several research papers in international and national journals.