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About Us

Located inside SIPCOT IT Park at Siruseri, chennai; amid top companies like TCS, Capegemini, Central Mathematical Institute, Cognizant, Hexaware Technologies; which make its ambience ideal for a business School.

ITM is changing the way business is done. Making innovation as habit, big ideas as results – by honoring trendsetters, trend spotters, visionaries, globalists etc.

What Makes ITM Unique

We are often asked what makes ITM unique – and more recently, what has contributed to our school’s rise in the rankings?

Our goal is to develop entrepreneurs not just employees; value driven leaders not just managers. ITM’s unmatched diversity and proven academic excellence contribute to this formula for success. Our industry endorsed curriculum and career services also yield outstanding results. Finally, our alumni network offers reach and depth beyond any other top business school.

Key Highlights

Global Immersion Project (Singapore)

“What you learn at ITM – you can lead anywhere”
ITM’s commitment to global engagement makes you to learn the language of global business, engage with complex interconnected global and cross-cultural issues, by securing the wonderful opportunity to study and travel abroad and become an empowered global citizen.

“A perfect blend of class room training and field visits. Market surveys both pre and post development of the prototype helped us understand the clarity with which we needed to work towards the final presentation. In short, this program on design thinking is something every management student needs to experience irrespective of the domain in which they’d be working.”

Sanjana Murali

Sanjana Murali, PGDM (2017-19)

10 days certification program in DESIGN THINKING @ Nanyang Technological University, Singapore provides a high-level understanding of the cross – economic, cultural and political policies in global economy. By attending NTU’s faculty lectures and meeting with local business leaders and NTU’s alumni, students can learn from aspiring group of professionals while also immersing themselves in another culture and building strong relationships. Many have returned saying it was one of the highlights of their ITM careers.

CSR Program

2 weeks NGO visit to understand how the CSR team in a corporate world works and to find the opportunities a Management student have in the CSR department. Corporate Social Responsibility goes by the name CSR, where companies whose turnover is more than 1000 crore, must contribute 2% for the upliftment of society as per Govt. of India. There are several job opportunities in this area if a student is willing to work towards rural management.
Last year’s spending on CSR: 6900 Crores.

Certificates for Career

“Knowledge is not same as the Wisdom. Knowledge is Knowing, but Wisdom is doing it”.
Certification courses in management degree is very vital to bridge the gap between “Knowing and Doing”. ITM, Chennai is the first management campus to provide management certifications as part of your curriculum itself. There are many certifications which can be taken along with, for placements. They not only add value to your resume but also make you a better practical person to interpret your ideas in business place using these tools. List of certifications that students will undergo as per specialization.


  • NCCMP (NSE Academy’s Certified Capital Market Professional)- a Joint Certificate by National Stock Exchange AND ITM Business School.
  • NISM Certifications


  • SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences)


  • SAP (System, Applications, Product in Data Processing)


  • Access to HR Conferences

Smart Campus

Today, the idea that “every company needs to become a software company” is considered almost a cliché. No matter your industry, you’re expected to be reimagining your workplace continuously. Block Chain based attendance system, Smart Walls, College Bus Tracking system, Augmented Reality museum are the few implementations done in ITM campus to get on a roll towards making ITM Chennai, a “Smart Campus”.

College Bus Tracking System

Every student has been in the situation, where their college bus is going to be, but they have little idea when. Providing real time update of the bus location, not only will students benefit from this, but college admin will also have to worry-less about hectic communications.

80% of the jobs in the next decade will require technology skills. – The Guardian
As you are the future rulers of the business world, ITM has bunched up state of the art Hardware to set up an IT lab by foreseeing the New wave in technology. ITM’s new wave IT lab is the culmination of Chairman’s Vision that every student should be enriched with rich technical skills to cope up with industry trend changes. This lab will harness students to learn and simulate BLOCK CHAIN, AUGUMENTED REALITY, STOCK EXHANGE TRADING, IOT etc.

We all love walking barefooted through old stone buildings. we love the feel of smooth cold stone under our feet as we explore through the old temples and historic structures. Every sculpted inch of such temple is exclusive of each other because, it goes by the famous quote “Walls tell stories”. Did you know sculptures, buildings, walls can tell stories? These are source of knowledge about our past.

In ITM, we have QR (we call them as modern sculptures) codes on walls. You have a story to tell? Just scan the code through your mobile, unfold your story and submit. And that will be there forever. Imagine this; after 10 years when a new student is walking through, exploring our campus and randomly scans a QR code to find one of your story, we think that’s called “exciting” or “eternal”.


ITM Chennai is proud to be recognized and ranked among one of the respected business schools in India.

Times B-School 2015

TIMES B-School 2018


Times B-School 2015

TIMES B-School 2018 in South region


ITM PGDM iConnect

ITM Chennai offers PGDM iConnect program which is a two-year full-time AICTE approved program, with a completely redesigned program schedule, curriculum, internship and training process. The program is a set of discrete terms of study, industry immersion and applied research that takes students through a developmental journey from inexperienced fresher to corporate-ready manager.

The PGDM iConnect program in Chennai is offered under 2 brands catering to specific needs of the industry and preference of the student.

ITM Business School

2 Years full time program where the first year would be general management and second year you would specialization in :-

Specializations offered

  • ITM PGDM iConnect with specializations in Finance
  • ITM PGDM iConnect with specializations in Marketing
  • ITM PGDM iConnect with specializations in Supply Chain and Operations Management
  • ITM PGDM iConnect with specializations in Human Resources Management


  • Bachelors Degree from any AIU recognized University with minimum 50% marks aggregate.
  • MBA Entrance Tests: CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT,ATMA, GMAT & State CET tests where applicable, and as per AICTE guidelines

PGDM – Business Analytics (Two years – Full Time)

  • Offers PGDM Program with specializations in Business Analytics
  • Campus – Chennai


  • Graduates in Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics or Commerce discipline with minimum 60% marks or equivalent CGPA from a recognized university.
  • Qualifying University’s Admission Test based on basic statistics followed by Personal Interview.

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Specializations Academics

PGDM iConnect Marketing

Content is the king, but marketing is the queen and the lady rules the house! Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

The average American reports they make 70 decisions per day. CEO’s do 139 tasks, and 50% of their decisions were made in 9 minutes or less. Only 9% of decisions took longer than an hour.

Sheena Iyengar, Professor, Columbia Business School,
Faculty Director of the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center.

“Choosing” these days are getting tougher for anyone. How to make decision making easier?
How to make sure the millions that top brass companies spent on marketing will fetch fruits? Students who are continuously trained in real time marketing challenges during their academics can provide seamless solutions in these areas. As such, the field of marketing in ITM is a valuable preparation for many types of management careers, including consulting, entrepreneurial management, market research and for those who have future interests in starting their own business. ITM’s Marketing faculty – most innovative and most dynamic marketing faculty in the city – well versed in translating their state-of-the-art research into information that managers can use to make better decisions. Virtual Reality(VR) industry, for example, needed to know if billions can be spent on marketing? A banking firm wanted to launch a new service in payments industry but wasn’t sure how the market would react to the idea. Fintech firm and Entertainment giant wanted to redefine product offerings based on customers’ perceptions and needs. These are just few of the industries that have improved performance in branding, segmentation, investing tactics using the market research sessions done by the faculties of ITM Marketing Department.

PGDM iConnect – Finance

“It’s not your salary that makes you rich, It’s your spending habits”
From 1991’s Globalization(LPG) wave to current Demonetization, GST and Cashless economy, Indian economy undergone radical changes over the last 30 years. Modern concepts of investment and spending behavior have provided the way for these changes and ITM’s Finance Department has remained at the forefront to make students prepare for internationalization of Indian Economy. Only College with state art of the lab for practicing share market(trading) simulations. (toss – trading on simulated securities)

The core subjects of Finance Specialization:
ITM provides students with not just the theoretical tools required to master practical issues in Finance but also the analytical tools. Students will be made to secure certifications from NISM with applications to Commodity market, depository operations, mutual fund, derivative market, capital market, debt market and certifications like NCCMP from NSE-ITM. While some attention is given to the future trends, primary emphasis is placed on the basic financial analytics, methods of economic analysis, decision science and statistics. Graduates have begun their professional careers with positions in financial departments of non-financial firms, investment bankers, trade brokers, financial analyst and management consulting firms, as well as various departments of commercial banks and other financial institutions and international financial institutions.

“As a finance major, I valued the fact that, unlike other MBA programs having little or no practical experience, all the students in this program have industry experience. This experience enhances classroom discussions, often improves the quality of the questions asked of professors enhances interaction among students outside the classroom. For me, this improves the learning. Seamlessly integrating financial theory with real world application led me to secure a job, as well as help me plan and invest for my Future. The Finance department at ITM provided me all of the necessary tools to excel in my work.”

Jerry Andrews – Investment Analyst, AON Finance PGDM (Finance) Batch 2016 – 2018

PGDM iConnect Human Resources

“HR’s don’t build a business. They build people and then people build the business”
This specialization in ITM provides critical information and skillset needed for all managers for effectively managing an organization’s human resources. Key topics include human resource planning, staffing, training, performance evaluation, compensation, health and safety, labor law, and equal employment guidelines. An important emphasis is on effective career planning in organizations, both for managers themselves and their subordinates. ITM recognizes the vital role that real-world projects play in your professional development. Our PGDM iConnect- HR program goes beyond the classroom, empowering you to participate in a multitude of opportunities. From case competitions and consulting opportunities to the Experiential Learning Initiative, a PGDM- HR from ITM lays your foundation for career advancement. For the freedom to design your future and influence global leaders, choose ITM. Because we recognize that policies don’t change the workplace – people do. Our PGDM- iConnect HR program, develops a unique combination of talents to help make you a remarkably savvy business leader.

PGDM iConnect Operations

Here in ITM we seek to improve the total quality and productivity of ventures through the in-depth training of our students on operational strategies, product development and innovation, information systems and technology, rigorous data analytics, and individual and managerial decision making. PGDM in Operations Management at ITM is totally data driven where we utilize a diverse set of research methods, including theoretical models and empirical analysis of field data. In each session we strive to train our students, not just to become successful managers but also to become research scholars. We are highly inter disciplinary and our students have gone on to successful careers in start-up and established firms in management and finance consulting also.

The line that is driving me is “Find the perfect balance between product price and sales volume. You will churn out profit automatically”. I was trained in ITM Chennai – operations specialization to make this line workable.

Hari Prasath, Area Operations Head, Ninjacart. PGDM (Operations & SCM), Batch 2015-17.

Campus Life
  • The Chennai Campus is a 23 year old campus, established in 1993.
  • It is the most preferred campus in the south & it was ranked in top 3 business school by CSR on numerous occasions
  • It is located in SIPCOT IT park, which will give great exposure & opportunity to students.
  • At Chennai campus, we can help you find private accomodation nearby our campus.
  • Chennai campus has excellent placement records till date.
  • We provide pick up & drop bus service from campus to the city

ITM-Group of Institutions truly believes that a diverse participants profile ensured by our admission process provides a wealthy talent-pool for companies to recruit from. The number of PPOs (Pre Placement Offers) and quality of various projects that our students take up with industry is a benchmark for others to follow. ITM strongly believes in inclusive economic growth of the country and the driver of that growth is entrepreneurship, hence we have established incubators for start-ups at Campus level and provide them all support required to make their dream come true. Final Placement is the one event that every PGDM student looks forward to. With hundreds of India’s best companies coming on campus with a variety of job profiles, the placement process at ITM gives students a world of opportunities to make their career in the widest range of industries.

Top 5 Recruiter



Summer is heat for the rest of the city, for ITM Summer is an opportunity and stepping stone. It’s never too early to think about opportunities for next summer(placement)—and maybe even a late-summer opportunity in the same year itself.

Find the right opportunity and go for it.  Love theater?  Intern at one.  Love marketing?  Find a company that intrigues you.  Love marketing and theater?  Find an internship that combines both and work on a marketing project for a theater company.

Bottom line?  The options are limitless.  You need to have direction and drive—and if you need help?  Ask us.

6 main reasons why 5 Months Summer Intern in ITM is so important.

  • You will discover the real world
  • Create your network
  • Top up your resume
  • Simulate your skills
  • Test your career plan
  • Gain confidence