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ITM Institute of Hotel Management


According to 2022 survey by Times Education, the ITM Institute of Hotel Management is ranked among the top Hotel Management Institutes in India. ITM Institute of Hotel Management offers the best Hotel Management programs to train students and prepare them for the hospitality industry. The syllabus is enriched by a cutting-edge curriculum, extensive industry connections, and practical internships with five-star properties. Top-notch placements with an exciting and fulfilling experience are one of the main highlights of ITM IHM.

What’s more? ITM IHM focuses on personal grooming, soft skills, language abilities & professional development for a comprehensive and all-around learning experience. ITM has collaborated with industry partners and global institutions to develop advanced programs in hospitality and services management. This provides our students with opportunities in different industries and sectors beyond the hotel management industry.


100% Placement Assistance
100+ Companies visited for placement
100% PA higest package offered nationally
8000+ Alumni Internationally
2432 Per month highest package
upto ₹ 60L Worth Scholarships Offered

Why Hospitality & Tourism Industry?

The global hospitality and tourism industry is growing exponentially and is among the key drivers of growth in the global economy. The industry that is valued at $3486.77 billion in 2020 is projected to grow to more than $6700 billion in 2026.

Internships in the hospitality industry provide the experience and qualifications that employers now-a-days look for. They look for people with social adeptness, flexibility, communication skills and so much more that an international internship offers. This industry offers various benefits for students interning internationally to get a job abroad.


Soft Skill Training by Corporate Trainers:

  • The “TALEWIND” department covers all the soft skills essential to bridge the gap between campus to an industry.
  • The course curriculum ranges from verbal & written communication , public speaking, assertiveness, empathy,presentation skills, life skills enhancement and career management.
  • The faculty members are certified and equipped with soft skills; assured focused attention, conduct remedial sessions as well as mentor every student for their internship and final placement.
  • Students are well trained in presentation skills, etiquette, grooming, body language, group discussion & personal interview.
  • TALEWIND is a holistic program meant to transform & equip students for the hospitality industry and bag quality job placements.


Front Office Training Room for Hotel Management
Smart Classrooms for Hotel Management
Library for Hospitality Management
Basic Training Kitchen for Hospitality Management
Advanced Training Kitchen in Hospitality Management
Quantity Training Kitchen for Hospitality Management
Training Restaurant for Hospitality Management
Bakery and Confectionery for Hospitality Management
Training Restaurant and Bar for Hotel Management
Training Guest Room for Hotel Management
Fully Equipped Housekeeping Lab for Hotel Management

Student Success Stories

Global Placement

Choose a International & Domestic Hospitality Career

Ba In International Hospitality Tourism and Event Management

The comprehensive nature of the course gives students the opportunity to pursue careers across the Hospitality Industry in a variety of job roles and functions.

3 Years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts In International Culinary Arts

Provide a high-quality learning experience that develops in learners a systematic understanding of knowledge related to Culinary Arts.

3 Years
Full Time
Bachelor of Arts in Global Hospitality Management

Embark on a 3-year journey to global hospitality leadership. Year 1: Academic Excellence Year 2:Academic Integration Year 3: International Internship Join us now!

3 Years
B.Sc.in Hospitality Studies

A 3-year program for aspiring hotel industry professionals, offering extensive field training with partner hotels for 100% on-the-job experience.

3 Years
Full Time
Bachelor Of Arts In Culinary Arts

A program geared specifically towards student interested in Careers in Kitchen Management and Restaurant Entrepreneurship.

3 Years
Full Time
Diploma in Patisserie & Confectionery

Develop skills in students for various baking procedures. Introduce students to the plethora of ingredients used in bakery and confectionery. Import working knowledge of equipment needed for baking.

1 Year

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Student Award

Vedant Amberkar & Tanmay

Winner of India’s biggest culinary competition “EVEREST BETTER KITCHEN CULINARY CHALLENGE 2021-22” Season 3- Mumbai Region.

Satyen Tawde & Hamdan Qureshi

Won Silver Medals in Mystery Basket Challenge (Live Cooking) at Incredible Chef Challenge (ICC 2022)

Mohammed Hamdan Qureshi

Won Second prize in a XPRESSIONS 2022 Forgotten Recipe Challenge (Fulkari Bari) held at Bhartividya peeth Insititute of Hotel Management

Apurva Gosar & Atharva Shirole

Winnwon Second prize in a “AURA CHEF 2K22” held by K.M.Kamath Institute of Catering Technology and Event Management.er of India’s biggest culinary competition “EVEREST BETTER KITCHEN CULINARY CHALLENGE 2021-22” Season 3- Mumbai Region.

Academic Associations and International Collaborations

Queen Margaret University

To offer BA in International Hospitality and Tourism Management and BA in International Culinary Arts. QMU was founded in 1834 as the Edinburgh School of Cookery, with the aim to create educational and career opportunities for women and to do something to address the problems of inadequate diet and under nourishment of the urban poor, QMU is one of the leading universities in the United Kingdom and is a pioneer in the fields of Domestic Sciences, Nutrition and Hospitality

The University of Mumbai

Is one of the oldest and premier Universities in India. It was established in 1857 consequent upon “Wood’s Education Dispatch”, and it is one amongst the first three Universities in India. As a sequel to the change in the name of the city from Bombay to Mumbai, the name of the University has been changed from “University of Bombay” to “University of Mumbai”, vide notification issued by the Government of Maharashtra and published in the Government Gazette dated 4th September, 1996.

HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland

ITM IHM has collaborated with the HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute to provide quality education. Over the next decade, the International Hotel and Tourism Industry is forecast to maintain its position as the world's largest employer and provider of management positions. It is supported by a worldwide international network of hotel companies whose representatives visit HTMi regularly to recruit on campus.

Our Faculty

Sagar Chitre


Yogesh Amin

Associate Dean

Divya Rane

Associate Professor - Rooms Division Management

Saroj Budke

Assistant Professor - Food Production

Snehal Mahadik

Deputy Manager Talewind

Meenakshi Nadar

Assistant Professor - Management

Jaanvi Deodar

Assistant Professor - Food & Beverage Service

Suparna Mukherjee

Assistant Professor - Information Technology

Nitin Poddar


Sanket Gore

Vice Principal

Avinash Bamania

Associate Professor -Program Leader

Yatin Tambe

Associate Professor - General Manager Culinary

Nanda Parghi

Associate Professor - Management

Nikita Dasgupta

Associate Professor -General Manager Academics

Rekha Miranda

Associate Professor - Management


Students Global Internship

Meet Pandey The Grosvenor House Dubai
Omkar Bhandare The Iron Horse Hotel 500W, Florida st, Milwaukee, Wilsconsin USA
Shushmita More The Grosvenor House Dubai
Ankur Kshatriya Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai
Aryan Pal The Grosvenor House Dubai
Asawari Pawar Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai
Atharva Gurav Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai
Vedant Hariyans's Hyatt Coconut Point, Florida, USA USA
Jay Sardara Auberge Du Lion D'or, DubaFrancei

Students Placement

Savanna Gomes Food Production Department

Loews Royal Pacific Resort, Florida, USA

Package: 1500 USD / Per Month
Shalan Pawar Jr. Asst. Cook

Oceania Cruise

Package: 730 USD / Per Month
Shubh Kandolkar Food Production Department

The Sagamore, New York USA

Package: 1500 USD / Per Month
Siddhant Gothankar Jr. Asst Cook

Oceania Cruise

Package: 730 USD / Per Month
Vinay Bandekar Jr. Asst. Cook

Oceania Cruise

Package: 730 USD / Per Month
Ayush- Jadhav Jr. Asst. Cook

Oceania Cruise

Package: 730 USD / Per Month
Chirag Gupta Food Production Department

Cape Rey Carlsbad Beach, A Resort & Spa by Hilton, USA

Package: 2432 USD / Per Month
Devyani Patinge Jr. Asst. Cook

Oceania Cruise

Package: 730 USD / Per Month
Hamdan Qureshi Jr. Asst. Cook

Oceania Cruise

Package: 730 USD / Per Month
Jatin Gidwani Jr. Asst. Cook

Oceania Cruise

Package: 730 USD / Per Month
Mujaffar Mujawar Jr. Asst. Cook

Oceania Cruise

Package: 730 USD / Per Month
Raj Patil Jr. Asst. Cook

Oceania Cruise

Package: 730 USD / Per Month
Rushikesh Yewale Jr. Asst. Cook

Oceania Cruise

Package: 730 USD / Per Month

Know Everything About Hotel Management

  • Q1. How much salary package can one get after hotel management course?

    Answer - In India, thе starting salary packagе for graduatеs aftеr a hotеl managеmеnt coursе variеs from ₹2.5 lakhs to ₹4.5 lakhs annually. It dеpеnds upon thе typе of hotеl, location, and collеgе.

  • Q2. Is a hotеl managеmеnt coursе considеrеd thе samе as a graduation dеgrее?

    Answer - Yеs, dеgrее coursеs in hotеl managеmеnt from rеcognizеd hotеl managеmеnt collеgеs arе considеrеd graduation coursеs. Thе study of hotеl managеmеnt еncompassеs all aspеcts of thе hospitality sеctor, including еvеnt planning, catеring, hotеl and rеstaurant managеmеnt, and tourism managеmеnt.

  • Q3. What arе thе carееr opportunitiеs aftеr complеting hotеl managеmеnt?

    Answer - You will gеt various carееr opportunitiеs aftеr complеting any hotеl managеmеnt coursеs aftеr 12th. It includеs job rolеs in hotеl opеrations, еvеnt managеmеnt, food and bеvеragе sеrvicеs, tourism, and hospitality managеmеnt, offеring divеrsе paths in thе dynamic hospitality industry.

  • Q4. Is studying hotel management degree safe for girls?

    Answer - Yеs, a hotеl managеmеnt dеgrее is an еxcеllеnt profеssional choicе for both girls and boys. If thеy arе good communicators, girls havе a grеat potеntial to work in thе front officе arеa. Furthеrmorе, thеrе is no discrimination against boys and girls who work in this profеssion.

  • Q5. What is the expected salary after three years of a hotel management degree?

    Answer - Aftеr complеting a dеgrее from a top hotеl managеmеnt institutе in India, onе can еxpеct to еarn a high salary packagе. A housеkееping supеrvisor may makе about INR 3.00 LPA, but a hotеl managеr can anticipatе making about INR 3.75 LPA. Thе avеragе monthly salary packagе for hotеl managеrs rangеs from 17,382 to 19,528 Indian rupееs.