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​Mr. Kishor Pradhan (CEO, Global Trade Consultancy Services)
​Mr. Shubham Mishra (MD, Brio Energy)
​Dr. Jyotirmoy Dasgupta (Professor, ITM Kharghar)
​Mr. Surendra Deodhar (VP, Materials Management, Reliance Life Science)
​Mr. Rajagopal Purushottam
​Dr. Arloph Vieina
Prof. B.V.R Murthy welcomed the participants and declared the panel discussion open. He introduced the moderator of the panel – Mr. Harsha Subramaniam (Exec producer, Bloomberg Media Group).

What is Industry 4.0?
Industry 1.0 is the application of machines in production houses, 2nd one Industry 2.0 is for the change of design and introduction of assembly line in manufacturing sector. Industry 3.0 is the turning point of all industrial revolution in world, it has shown how the machines can be operated through computers and internet. Industry 4.0 is the next level improvement for industry sector, specially manufacturing sector.

Mr. Harsha thanked the participants and expressed the hope that the discussion would contribute to the very important issue of Fourth revolution in industry sector as known as Industry 4.0. Mr Harsha gave the floor to Mr Rajagopal Purushottam to share his idea and vision about the Industry 4.0. Mr. Purushottam highlighted some important points about this topic like, there will be no middle man in the industry sector and Direct business has started. He also told that we are afraid of the change in industry sector, but it’s a golden opportunity for us to take few steps ahead. Various business models like ‘Freemium’ and ‘Pay as per use’ are coming up. In this revolution if a vacuum is created in any place Industry 4.0 is filling it very fast making business of that blank or gap.

Mr. Harsha thanked Mr. Purushottam and added that the 4th industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 has been started already since last 2-3 years. Now we are realising that the revolution has begun. He requested Mr. Kishor Pradhan to share his ideas about this interfacial and deep root change of industrialisation. Mr Pradhan has shared lots of personal experiences about the upcoming changes in industrialisation. He also agreed with the thinking that Industry 4.0 is already started. He added, this advanced steps or major changes in industry sector also may create threat in various aspects. Preventing data breach or Data privacy through internet is very big issue now a days. When Industry 4.0 is showing a Universe of opportunities, data breaching may act like blackholes. So, advancement is needed with the coating of hardcore security. He also shared the IBM block chain model for the solution of security issues. Mr Harsha thanked Mr. Pradhan and told that data breaching will not be welcomed in this era of high security internet transactions. Next, he welcomed Dr. Arloph Vieina another panel member. He requested Mr. Surendra Deodhar to discuss his ideas.

Mr. Surendra started with a very good example of traffic police and internet facility. He told us the facility of internet service is now a days undetachable characteristics of any person. Next, he focused on automation in Industry 3.0 and its revolution in Industry 4.0. He explained that robotics is an essential part of any manufacturing industry (specially in pharma industry). In 1st world countries to increase the efficiency level of manufacturing units, these steps have started long ago (1980-85). But automation in large scale industry sector in India has started a bit late ‘90s. So, Industry 4.0 is coming but it’s a bit expensive and govt should take some rigid steps to utilise it’s full. Mr. Harsha thanked Mr Deodhar and added that it’s a golden opportunity to change ourselves. It’ll diversify the way of business in next 5 years. He requested Mr. Alok Vera to share his experience in automation industry. Dr. Vieina belongs to pharma industry,
where the Industry 4.0 is going to affect most. Highest efficiency of robotics is used in pharma industry. As the product of this industry is Medicine so sterilization level is highest in the manufacturing unit. Automation helped a lot to solve these situations and Industry 4.0 is accelerating this highly. He shared a rare experience about the process of packet anti-theft tracking in pharma industry. From the Medicine strip to the final delivery cartoon, each coat of packing and accumulation is tagged and can be tracked from anywhere. Every packet is tagged with a barcode, which specify the containing materials, manufacturing information, destination information, buyers’ and sellers’ information too. So now a days in pharma industry AI, Robotics, Automation is necessary in each step. He concluded that, what he shared with us is Industry 4.0 isn’t the future, its happening now.

Mr Harsha thanked him and pass the mic to Prof. Dasgupta to share his industrial experience.
Prof. Dasgupta told us a very important thing that Industry 4.0 may bring us lots of opportunity to grow but we must be careful in this competitive market. Security is the first step of this high-profile transformation in industry sector. Here IT plays a major role to secure this sector. Professor inspired us to be updated every moment to know the rapid changes in IT industry too. Technology innovation and implementation of new things also a big challenge for us in a big scale now. Cyber-physical systems, bio-physical systems are the example of daily use of the effect of Industry 4.0. He also sarcastically opposed Mr. Purushottam on the topic of middle man businesses. We must choose the middle man industries, who can add value to our systems.

Mr Harsha thanked every panel member with big round of applause (also from the audience). Now he started the Question- Answer round.

1. How does the industry 4.0 help the small-scale industries in India? (Asked by Mr S.R.Sahoo from audience)
Ans. Mr Pradhan told that India is partially ready to accept these changes in industry sector. As the giant manufacturers are changing slowly next the middle and lastly small scales will do change in their formation and automation technology. It’ll take time, but not too long.

2. Prof. R.S.P Sing asked that how Industry 4.0 is going to help Farming (cultivation).

Ans. Mr. Suendra Deodhar told that India is getting ready for Industry 4.0. Infrastructure and Laws are getting ready to implement these. So, its not far away to implement automation in farming too. Already it has started in 1st world countries. From geological updates and weather information to water level, temp of the soil, water quality everything will be updated by this revolutionary change in industry sector.

Mr. Harsha thanked everyone and ended up the Panel discussion for that day.

All the panel members are greeted with gifts and memento of panel discussion in ITM, Kharghar on Industry 4.0. Next Co-ordinator Mr Kaushik requested Murthy sir to conclude. Murthy sir thanked every panel member, students & guests from other colleges and institutions. At last he concluded the panel discussion with rounds of photos and thanks giving’s.
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