The ‘EXPERT TALK’ series #7
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Mr. Krish RamnaniToggleheadCo-founder, Director and Head of Innovation, Technology and Finance18-09-2019
03:00 to 04:30

In the last one decade or so the world has shown a paradigm shift from analog to digital. More and more people are consuming all kinds of information online, making digital marketing the best way to reach out to the targeted customers. To introduce the topic, evolution of Digital marketing, Mr.Krish Ramnani, Co-founder, Director, Technology & Innovation, Togglehead spoke at length throwing sufficient light on the significance of getting aligned with the digitized mode of marketing.

The speaker pointed out how the analyzing power of the consumer has changed over the decade. There was a discussion on how the customers have become more powerful in making their own decisions over the years. Demonetization was the Digital trigger was the concept that was discussed where the speaker and the audience compared digitalization in India before and after demonetization. It was strongly accepted that the world is driven by data and increased awareness driven by government seem to have rapidly bridged the digital gap between urban and rural India.

The industry expert concluded by stating the future of digital world is Artificial Intelligence, WebVR and Augmented Reality.