Executive Masters in Business Administration

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Finance; Marketing; Human Resource Management; Operations Management

The Executive MBA with Specialization was developed to address the specific needs of mid-level executives and fresh graduates who have started lucrative careers and are looking towards ensuring their future growth prospects. For such professionals, an industry recognized Masters Program, backed by a respected Academic Institution is a platform from which a successful career can be launched.

This 24-month program, delivers a comprehensive coverage of business and management, including a specialization, chosen by the student to suit his professional requirements. The program begins with a Foundation Term, consisting of 4 courses that help to bring participants to a common platform for taking up the remaining part of the program. The core of the program consists of 12 courses taught over 3 terms.

Admission Process

Eligibility:Graduate or 15 years of education from any stream with minimum 2 years of work experience.

Candidates may receive counseling and detailed program information by phone or in-person, by contacting our Admission Counselor. (Refer to the contact details sheet attached at the back of the brochure)

The candidate will first meet the Counselor who will give a brief of the program.

Later, an interview will be scheduled with the Center Head. If satisfied the Center Head issues an Offer Letter. Candidates must purchase an application form, at a cost of Rs. 500/- payable in cash along with the following documents.

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ITM Executive Education Centre

Founded in 1992, ITM - EEC offers executive MBA programs for fresh graduates and working professionals. Starting with just one center, we are now a network of 10 centers across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad making us one of the largest executive MBA programs in the country. In 2010-11, over 1500 working professionals joined ITM - EECs programs across the country, the best part: over 60% of them were referred by our own students! ITM - EEC tries very hard to ensure that every student has a rewarding and engaging experience of study and self-development.
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Join ITM Executive MBA to earn during weekdays and learn during weekends!

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Has cultivating the #WillToLearn been the greatest gift you have given yourself?
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Dr. B. R. Ambedkar overcame countless odds and became a highly educated, revered and decorated individual.

It was his #WillToLearn that made him endure hardships and rise above challenges.

If you have a story that depicts your #WillToLearn, we're more than happy to listen to it!

Share your story today.

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Who'd have thought that a child who sold newspapers to support his family would go on to become the Missile Man and President of India?

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam made it happen because of his #WillToLearn!

What is your #WillToLearn? Share your story today!

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ITM EEC #WillToLearn is all about you and your stories.

Tell us the kind of difficulties you faced while learning something?

Tell us how you overcame those odds?

Share your stories, because your #WillToLearn can inspire countless people!

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Do an Executive MBA from ITM EEC to make your weekends extremely productive.

The benefit? Better pay hikes, impressive promotions and a lot to look forward to! That'd make your Mondays less painful, wouldn't it?

Contact us and enroll in ITM EEC Weekend Executive MBA program today!

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