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ITM PGDM fees 2020 – Effects of Covid-19


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3 Things that Impact PGDM Fees


Covid-19 pandemic has impacted education in no uncertain ways. Classes are held up for more than a year now. Initially, it seemed online classes are only a stop-gap option so they can be used or even ignored. But even after more than a year, the situation is much worse than how it was in the last year. Will this impact the ITM PGDM fees 2020 or 2021?


Is there any hope of regular classes commencing any time soon? Well, ITM Group of Institutions as the country’s leading private education trust is optimistic. But at the same time, it’s prepared for any kind of situation.

So, how is ITM planning to keep its campuses Covid-safe?

In the last year, the country has gone through a good deal of churning thinking about how business and life can be brought back to normalcy. The way leading colleges have restructured the fees is an example of the concerns. For example, the ITM PGDM fee structure has a more rational fee structure.

The considered opinion seems to suggest that we should take all available precautions and use a mix of e-learning, online education, and classroom teaching. We should make sure that the students are allowed to the classrooms with full precaution and safety measures in place.


Here are the 3 things ITM is planning to keep its campuses Covid-safe.


1.     Screening of All Who Enter the Campus

ITM Group of Institutions have placed Sanitization Walkthrough Gates at all the entry points of all its 15 campuses across the country. These gates spray disinfectants on everyone who passes through these gates. At every touchpoint such as the elevators, sanitizers, and disinfectant solutions are kept in easy touch-free dispensers. The entire campus is under CCTV surveillance so it’s not difficult to enforce a complete adherence to sanitization measures. The ITM Business schools have ITM PGDM login for their students to access all online resources.


2.     Entire campus is sanitized regularly

As a standard operating procedure, the entire campus is sprayed with disinfectants regularly. This means each of the rooms, classrooms, canteens, cafeterias, dining halls, common rooms, meeting rooms, halls, etc are sprayed with disinfectants periodically.

All the visitors are expected to wear a face mask all the time during their stay on the campus. Covid-appropriate behavior such as social distancing is to be observed strictly. All these measures ensure that there is little possibility of any coronavirus remaining alive or active.

ITM PGDM fees 2020 were about Rs 12 lakh for the entire program. This does not include hostel facilities.


3.     Testing and Reporting

ITM Group of Institutions encourages its staff and students to get vaccinated at the earliest. The institutions will also check the vaccination certificates of all the staff and students, making sure that 100 of them have gone for the vaccination. For those who have not got vaccinated yet, the institution plans to vaccinate them on-campus.

For this, the institutions would procure Covid-19 vaccines and make arrangements on its campuses to administer the vaccines. Anybody found to be Covid positive would be instantly isolated and referred to the nearest Covid-19 management center or hospital.

ITM PGDM fee structure is designed to help the students. They can pay the fees on an installment basis.


Final Thoughts

The Covid-19 pandemic is testing our determination and capacity to contain the spread of this dreaded viral disease. Students can use the ITM PGDM login to know more about the fee structure.

ITM Group of Institutions is fully committed to helping in the eradication of the virus. But at the same time, it is also committed to providing a fully Covid-safe campus for the students to carry on with their education. It cares equally seriously for its staff and all possible measures are being taken to ensure their safety. 


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