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Covid Safety -- Top PGDM Colleges in Maharashtra


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How Campuses can run Despite Covid-19?


Covid-19 has come as a catastrophe and threw normal life completely out of gear. Every walk of life is affected by this raging calamity. In the changed circumstances, can you tell us which are the top PGDM colleges in Maharashtra? 


Education is one of the many aspects of human life that has been very badly affected. But should we take this as a fatal blow to all our hopes and expectations? Or should we find a way to continue with education so that whenever the world is back to normal, we can begin our lives from where we had left? Around this time, students were engrossed with talks about the top PGDM colleges in Mumbai. 


If we want to continue our higher education, especially professional courses such as Master of Business Administration (MBA) and PGDM, the educational campuses will have to be Covid-safe. It’s easier said than done if our experience in battling the Covid-19 pandemic is anything to go by.


But this fear will linger on as our world is never going to be the same after the pandemic. We will have to learn to live with it. After all, we don’t stop using the highway even though there are accidents and traffic snarls.


MBA Colleges’ Covid-safety Ranking


Whenever the MBA colleges open, they would be seen from the point of view of Covid-safety. Institutions that provide Covid-safe campuses will get a better ranking and students will flock to them. Covid-safety can emerge as a new parameter for B School ranking.


For example, when people ask which are the Top PGDM Colleges in Maharashtra or Top PGDM Colleges in Mumbai, they would also want to know the Covid-safety rankings of the colleges. For example, the Top PGDM Colleges in Pune should have above 90 out of 100 points on Covid-safety measures.


Hybrid Model

Naturally, we can’t allow the pandemic to finish humankind or its ability to bounce back after every calamity. The right course of action would be to continue the education in some form. A hybrid model where both classroom and online education methods can go on together is perhaps our best bet. 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for top PGDM colleges in Pune, we would suggest you to consider ITM Kharghar for its better covid-safety standards.


Traffic Light Approach

Many educational institutes around the world are adopting the traffic light approach to resume educational activities. When conditions are completely under control, we organize the classroom activities. After some time, we take a break from the classroom and go back to the online mode. During this period, the campuses and classrooms can be sanitized. This sequence is repeated, keeping safety the foremost priority.



How Students can Keep Safe at Campus

Students can keep themselves safe by following a few precautions. Here is a brief list where we have collected all the major safety precautions students should take:

  • They should accept that Covid-19 is dangerous and they must take all precautions
  • They must always use high-quality masks that cover the mouth and nose
  • They must get themselves vaccinated against Coronavirus
  • They should practice strict social distancing both within and outside the campus
  • They should wash their hands frequently and vigorously with soap and water
  • They should avoid touching their face, eyes, nose, and mouth
  • They should avoid handshakes and find an alternative way of greeting
  • They must report to healthcare officials if they show any symptoms


How Educational Institutions Can Promote Safety at the Campuses

Most governments around the world have released a detailed Covid-19 protocol and guidelines for educational institutions. The institutions should follow them in letter and spirit. For example, you can look at the Covid-19 guidelines for educational institutions issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


How ITM Protects Its Campuses from Covid-19

ITM has taken all standard precautions against Covid-19. These include the following:

  • All the entry points of the campuses are equipped with walkthrough sanitization gates
  • All visitors are scanned by contactless infrared thermometers
  • All visitors to the ITM campuses must have contact tracing Aarogya Setu App and
  • All the classrooms, washrooms, pantry, canteens, walls, etc. are sprayed with disinfectants regularly


Final Thoughts

Covid-safety rankings of the PGDM colleges are going to be an important consideration for future admissions. Now, when we talk about top PGDM colleges in Maharashtra or top PGDM colleges in Mumbai, the idea is also about their relative Covid-safety standards. If we talk about Top PGDM colleges in Pune, ITM Business School at Kharghar may be a more preferred choice for having a higher Covid-safety ranking.


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