What Recruiters look for in a MBA Graduate
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Management and leadership positions are

diverse from other types of jobs you might have held. They differ not only by dress code or job title but in the very character of the daily job description. It is sure that more is expected of a manager than a rank and file employee.

Most companies are looking for people with senior management potential. In their view, MBA graduates have an above-average chance of fulfilling this need, but they are careful not to raise expectations too high. They also want people who can be effective quite rapidly.

The top employers seek are initiative, professionalism, motivation, integrity, and the ability to deal effectively with pressure and

unexpected obstacles. The top five skills and abilities? Communication skills, strategic skills, the proven ability to perform, core business knowledge and the ability to manage change.


MBA degree will help you at the
entry level at which a person will get a better start than a non-MBA. After that however it depends on how he is able to prove himself. The companies will never accept ‘chalta hai’ attitude if they are paying

high salaries.

Finally it has to be said that being a manager implies continuous self-development and learning. The education is not limited to 2 years of MBA.

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