Tackling interview questions with weekend Executive MBA in Bangalore
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The art of giving good interviews lies in the confidence you ooze and the body language you display. Your answers to certain questions may display your qualities to the interviewer but it is essential to answer these questions in the right way.

The college that you have opted for weekend Executive MBA in Bangalore would be able to help you greatly in preparing for job interviews or promotion interviews. These colleges are empowered to make you a professional of a top notch class and has such conduct vibrant group discussions in the classroom, ask you to give public speeches and make presentations based on a topic related to your specialisation. They also pseudo conduct interviews to make you comfortable during an actual interview.

Top 5 questions rehearsed during weekend Executive MBA in Bangalore

The program helps you attain knowledge of specific nature and also helps you get recruited in the best companies. However it is always better to be prepared with your answers rather than waiting for the opportunity only to know that the answers you have given were not considered up to the mark by a company visiting the campus. Train your brain with weekend Executive MBA in Bangalore for a flourishing career.

Here are some of the questions that recruiters ask you during the recruitment process:

Q1: Can you take me through your profile?

  • Tall the recruiter about your school, where you have studied from and then elaborate on your college and the specialisation you have opted for and why.
  • The company you have worked in and the experience you have gained from a firm or number firms along with your designation and role at each every firm plays a significant role in your selection. Thus you should try to list our all that you have done and how much you have contributed in the organisation.

Q2: Why should we hire you?

  • Go through the job description carefully for which you have applied. Look for similarities in your profile and try to show that how you have contributed greatly in the specified role leading to excellence of the present firm.

Q3: What are your salary expectations?

  • Don’t overprice or under price yourself. State your expectations carefully so that it seems logical to the recruiter. Salary expectations are the deal breaker for most employers if you demand too much they would not be able to pay the price for your services and instead may start looking for alternate options.

Q4: Why are you leaving your job?

  • There could be many reasons why you want to leave your job but phrase answer in such a manner that it pleases the employer.

Q5: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • One of the most frequently asked question which has a simple aspirational answer. If you think you can associate with a role for 5 years and then move up the ladder then just say that. It is good to show your ambition but don’t be over ambitious or the firm might not believe in your earnest behaviour for applying to their firm.