Preparing for the Connected Student
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13 January 2012 - 14:35, by , in ITM Stories, Comments off

In 2011, we had a vision of the future of business and the challenging times that lay ahead for aspiring business professionals and the Institutions that trained them. We realized that the global business environment has become so much more complex, and that technology, economics and market dynamics are deeply entwined.

Frankly, we realized that MBA programs are woefully inadequate preparation for the jobs that await aspiring management professionals. The MBA’s value as a training program for managerial talent was waning, companies were finding it hard to find recruits who could hit the ground running and be productive from the first day on the job. Day Zero productivity was the demand, and B-schools across the world had failed in supplying that capability.

We came to the urgent realization that the ITM PGDM program must change radically, in order to maintain our leadership and reputation as a provider of high-value education. In mid2011 a senior management team, led by Dr. P.V. Ramana, Chairperson of ITM – Group, began interacting with hundreds of business leaders, from CEOs to HR and functional heads, to try and understand the talent gap their companies are facing.

At the outset, we forced ourselves into a “Blank Slate” approach – We agreed to challenge everything about the ITM PGDM, from curriculum to pedagogy, training and placement. Once we wiped the slate clean, our team began to conduct extensive open-ended discussions with hundreds CEOs and business heads across India.

The learning we gleaned from these hundreds of interactions have been carefully analysed and consolidated into four core focus areas. Building up from these focus areas, we redeveloped the ITM PGDM into a program that we call iConnect.