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I started off with an expectation of gaining the same learning for a subject that I had already studied when I enrolled for PGDM institute in Navi Mumbai. Contrary to my expectations the course had an advanced learning curriculum which not just included teachers dictating notes to the students but expected them to answer questions related to the subject and asked children to read up books outside the classroom.

The classroom environment was completely different from the one I had expected to experience when enrolling for PGDM institute in Navi Mumbai. The faculty was extremely interactive and they behaved more like our colleagues rather than stringent professors. They gave us real life situations and asked us for solutions based on the theories we had acquired from the books. This made the experience of learning extremely lively and made me glad that I opted to join PGDM institute in Navi Mumbai.

Learning from experts at PGDM institute in Navi Mumbai

While the learning process involves us to take an active part in it there is a methodology for teaching which invokes interest of students to actively participate in such types of sessions. The faculty at our PGDM institute in Navi Mumbai understood the importance of making us job ready so that we are ready to face the challenges presented to us by the outside world. However the technique used by faculty taking our classes at PGDM institute in Navi Mumbai was unique and unlike all the sessions I have attended during my graduation classes.

The techniques used for learning as employed by PGDM institute in Navi Mumbai were:

Organizing industrial visits:
In order to learn the production of retail material we were taken to a manufacturing unit where we were asked to interact with the workers and analyse how they conducted their work. At the end of our visit we were given the opportunity to share our opinions and experience about the visit. This helped us take in each other’s point of view and the professor also elaborated on theories we could relate to retail management.

Case studies:
All of us were asked to prepare a case study regarding a chosen subject and derive conclusions by taking example of brands and associating their strategies for coming out of a situation. Through this type of learning we attained knowledge about the legal acts and agreements. We also harnesses our intuitive skills by comprehending circumstances that could be easily tackled with the help of applying solution based theory to our marketing strategies.

Interactive sessions:
Unlike graduation classes where we never looked up at the faces of our professors and were continuously asked to take down notes in the classroom, PGDM institute in Navi Mumbai created an interactive environment where the faculty members talked to us, gave us situations on the spot and asked us for solutions. Concepts were analysed and if anyone did not agree with the theory they were asked to present their own papers for clarifying their point of view.

My experience at PGDM institute in Navi Mumbai gave me a lifetime of learning which I could never forget.