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interior design institute in india

The number of offbeat careers today are countless. Many people today enjoy choosing careers that were never heard of in the past decade. One such career alternative many people today prefer is interior designing. However, before you join an interior design institute in India, you need to understand the course details and what exactly can be expected of an interior designing career.

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Here we have listed the main subjects of this course for your knowledge:


Technical drawing is among the most important subjects in interior designing. This is because sizing and proportion matter much when you are designing an apartment. The subject focuses on technical drawings of furniture and room layout.

Construction Technology

Construction technology is a subject that deals with understanding the engineering aspects of constructing a building. It is a subject that civil engineers also have in their syllabus. The technology varies in building residential apartments, official buildings, malls and domestic houses. The subject tackles all these in great detail.

Basics of Interior Design

While most people view interior designing as an artistic subject, the subject is much more technical than most people seem to understand. Apart from the aesthetics, it also deals with sizing, proportion, construction and other factors that come into making a beautiful house or living space. The basics of interior design are included as one subject in this course.

Furniture Design

The furniture used in living spaces and office spaces vary greatly. An interior designer also chooses the right design for the furniture in different spaces in order to create the proper ambience and feel.

Model Making

Before the knowledge related to construction is put to practical use, the professionals are given an opportunity to put their knowledge to practice through design models. This way, it is possible to identify if there are any technical errors in the design and the required alterations maybe made.

Environmental Studies

As the impact of human creations are getting visible with environmental changes and global warming, environmental studies are gaining more popularity. This is the reason modern interior designers also have a subject dedicated solely to environmental studies and understanding impact of interior designing on environment.

Cost Estimation

Cost is the most crucial factor that decides whether the design and construction are feasible in the present-day world. Interior designers have the responsibility to pick the most cost-effective design that stays longer.

Join an interior design institute in India only if you think it is a field you will enjoy.