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B.Des in Interior Design

The B.Des in Interior Design program immerses students in the dynamic and transformative world of interior design, where innovation, creativity, and functionality converge. This four-year, full-time program is dedicated to fostering an environment where students can experiment with design, engage in thorough research, and apply analytical, theoretical, and critical thinking to their creations. Supported by state-of-the-art labs and taught by expert faculty and industry leaders known for their significant contributions to interior design, this program aims to cultivate designers capable of crafting bespoke environments. These environments not only showcase aesthetic excellence but also enhance the livability and quality of life, embodying the true essence of transformative design.


Program Highlights


Global Academic Pathways

If you who wish to graduate, work and settle in Canada or UK, we have academic collaborations with the famous LaSalle College Vancouver, Canada and MMU in Manchester, UK.


AI - Integrated Curriculum

ITM IDM is the first design school to integrate artificial intelligence courses into its curriculum to ensure students are prepared for the rapid advancements of AI in design and offers a host of professional certifications in the area.


Professional Certifications

The Interior Design curriculum has been designed in collaboration with international academic partners and experienced industry professionals. In a bold, path-breaking move, we have added Professional Certifications that are usually taken by industry professionals.


Internships & Live Project

All students undergo a mandatory 5-month internship, and a one month long Live Project. This real world work experience and networking with industry is invaluable at the time of final placement.


In-house Festivals & Workshops

The institute offers a wide range of activities to the students through the year - Neo Spark, the design show. Art ConFab - a two day art based event, Think Tank - a bi-monthly series of guest lecture series, Discover Design - industry led design workshops, Retail Symposium - an event where the entire campus is turned into a physical marketplace and Oorja - a sports based college-fest.


Hi-tech, Creative Campus

The ITM IDM campus offers a unique environment that is a balance between creativity and technology. The space has been designed to provide a casual, fun environment but is brimming with the latest computing technology, technical laboratories & modern AV equipment for specialized training in design and production.


100% Placement Assurance

ITM IDM has had years of successful placements for interested students. This is perhaps because of our deep connection with industry. The internship, live projects and several activations ensure students are work ready. Global academic collaborations offer an opportunity to study and work in the UK and Canada for those students who want to settle abroad.


Fostering Entrepreneurship

We offer a formal module on entrepreneurship where students are expected to put together an idea for a new venture, work on a robust business plan including a go-to-market strategy. This is presented to a formal jury where the plan is assessed and rigorous feedback is given to the students.

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Global Partnerships

Your gateway to Study, Work and Settle abroad

We have collaborated with two of the world’s most renowned design institutions to enable your international aspirations. ITM IDM’s B.Des programs are academically mapped to similar programs in these institutions, allowing students to transfer the academic credits they have earned in the first year and second year of the B.Des program, and complete their studies at the collaborating institution seamlessly, graduating with a full degree and post-study work permits.

This Academic Pathway has been created for all students who wish to graduate, work and settle in Canada or the UK.

Our Process

How does it work


Students who successfully complete Year 2 of the ITM IDM B.Des program are eligible for transfer. Based on academic performance, some or all of the credits earned are transferable. Students will transfer into the third year of the program, and be able to graduate in 18-24 months.


There is significant cost savings in taking this option, as the fees for the first two years at ITM IDM are as per normal INR Fees Schedule. Approximate cost savings of the first two years is INR 30 lakhs per year.


After graduation, students are eligible for a Post Study Work Visa of 2-3 years, and will get job placement support from the Institution. It is possible to continue on to Permanent Residency (PR) or visa extension.

Our International

Academic Partners

Manchester Metropolitan University is one of the largest universities in the UK, with over 34,000 students enrolled, and is home to a diverse international student population from more than 130 countries. The University is ranked amongst the world’s top 200 universities (Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2020). Its School of Architecture is ranked 3rd in the UK for architecture courses and 11th in the world in the QS World University Rankings 2021. It is home to a triple accredited Business School, placing it among an elite group of business schools worldwide.

Manchester Metropolitan provides its students with regular employability events including advice workshops, industry networking, guest speakers and careers fairs. The University has industry links with global companies, including Nike, Walt Disney, Microsoft, IBM and more.

LaSalle College, Vancouver is a boutique-design school offering applied arts programs that help graduates build rewarding, lifelong careers. With more than 30 programs, the institution is a place where creativity runs free. In addition to its close links with industry, both in Canada and around the world, LaSalle College Vancouver offers small classes for a premium education experience in an advanced facility with instruction from leading experts. LaSalle College Vancouver delivers programs with credentials ranging from bachelor’s degrees, diplomas and certificates and has been consistently named the top undergraduate school in Canada for video game design by the Princeton Review.

Sheffield Hallam University, UK stands as a beacon of higher education excellence, renowned for its commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and academic rigour. Its vibrant campus, situated in the heart of Sheffield, provides a dynamic environment for learning and research. Distinguished for its strong links with industry and emphasis on employability, Sheffield Hallam prepares students for successful careers across a wide range of disciplines. The university's cutting-edge facilities and state-of-the-art research centers foster innovation and creativity, driving forward advancements in fields such as engineering, business, health, and Design. Through its dedication to excellence in teaching, research, and engagement with society, Sheffield Hallam University continues to make a significant impact both locally and globally.


Festivals & Activations

Neo Spark: Annual Design Show

Neo Spark, the annual design show is hosted by the ITM Institute of Design and Media. It is a much awaited and anticipated event not just by students but also by industry professionals. The event showcases work of all design students of ITM IDM. The Fashion Show has models donning the students' collections.The Interior Design students display their portfolios, models and furniture while the Visual Communication and Animation VFX students exhibit their final year projects, films and product lines. This confluence of work is reviewed by carefully chosen jury members and the entire event is witnessed by the who’s who of industry.

Retail Symposium

The Art ConFab

The Art ConFab, hosted annually by ITM IDM, is a vibrant two-day art and design festival that transforms the institute into a lively destination for creativity. It draws not only students but also design influencers and industry veterans, offering workshops, masterclasses, and panel discussions. The event celebrates student talent through exhibitions and awards, while evenings buzz with movie screenings and parties, blending professional growth with entertainment and networking opportunities.
The Art ConFab

Retail Symposium

The Retail Symposium transforms the campus into a dynamic retail environment where design students not only showcase their creations but also delve into the business aspects of their work. This event epitomizes "Design in Practice," blending creative design with entrepreneurial skills. It's a practical education experience, preparing students for the real-world by merging the aesthetic appeal of their designs with the commercial acumen necessary for success in the industry, all within the vibrant setting of their campus.
Retail Symposium

Think Tank

The Think Tank concept serves as an innovative bridge between industry and academia, offering design students unparalleled access to real-world insights, trends, and the evolving role of technology in design through workshops and guest lectures by industry professionals and senior designers. This model fosters a rich learning environment, where one-on-one mentorship and open discussions not only provide a canvas for practical learning but also offer networking opportunities, directly linking students with the current dynamics and future possibilities of the design industry. It's an approach that enriches students' education by blending academic knowledge with industry expertise, preparing them for a successful transition from the classroom to the professional world.
The Art ConFab

Discover Design

Discover Design is a series of industry-led workshops that provide a unique opportunity for students and aspiring designers to dive into the latest trends and methodologies in design. Hosted by seasoned professionals, these sessions cover a wide range of topics, from sustainable practices to digital innovations, offering insights into the evolving landscape of the design world.Participants engage directly with experts, gaining an understanding of the industry's future and the role of design in society. These workshops serve as a platform for exploration across various design specializations, fostering creative and critical thinking among attendees. It's an invaluable experience for those looking to broaden their knowledge and prepare for a dynamic career in design
The Art ConFab


Oorja is a dynamic sports-based college fest that embodies the spirit of competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship, uniting the student body in a vibrant celebration. This fest is a platform for students to challenge themselves, and engage in healthy competition, all while fostering a sense of community and resilience. Oorja emphasizes the importance of physical activity, strategic thinking, and collaboration, offering an opportunity for every participant to shine.
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Hi-tech, Creative Campus

ITM IDM is fully equipped with the latest computing technology and technical laboratories for specialized training in design and production.The CAD lab provides an IT-enabled learning environment with the objective of developing computer savvy professionals. The lab is well set up with the latest design software and hardware at every workstation.

The Fashion Design Pattern Lab offers hands-on training. In pattern engineering, marker making with modern techniques including Tukatech technology and other software for enrichment of students. All Classrooms are equipped with modern A/V equipment, in addition to ample spaces for creative thinking and collaborative work. The Interior Design students use the drafting rooms and workshops.

Most importantly, the campus is abuzz with different workshops, training and student fests throughout the year.
Program Structure

ITM IDM : B.Des Interior Design Course Structure

Explore the world of Interior Design with our in-depth course, engaging students in core concepts like Design Foundation and Landscape Design, along with Architectural Representation and Interior Detailing. This program focuses on hands-on projects and assignments, enabling students to sharpen their design abilities and produce unique interior designs. It empowers them to confidently express their unique vision, readying them to innovate and excel in the interior design landscape


  • Design Fundamentals & process
  • Story of Art & Design
  • Building Communication and Critical skills I
  • Material Study and Form Realization
  • Introduction to Digital Design
  • Introduction to Interior Design


  • Studio Project- Studio Apartment/ 1 RK
  • Interior Detailing- Manual Drafting
  • History 1 & 2
  • Building Communication and Critical Skills II
  • Materials and Construction
  • Autocad and Introduction to AI


  • Studio Project- Residential- 3bhk/ Bunglow
  • Advanced Interior Detailing
  • Landscape Design- Private Space
  • Art & Craft Documentation
  • Building Services 1
  • Cad Isometric and Photoshop (Portfolio), AI for Rendering


  • Studio Project- Commercial- Office Design
  • Interdisciplinary - Product Design
  • Landscape Design- Public Space
  • Building Services 2
  • Critical Skills and Industry Readiness I
  • Sketchup and AI for 3D


  • Internship - 5 months


  • Elective
  • Option 1 - Event
  • Option 2- Retail
  • Advanced Interior detailing
  • Professional Practice 1
  • Interior Styling and Photography
  • Sustainable Design
  • 3ds Max - Modeling


  • Elective - Set Design or Fine dine or Healthcare
  • Construction - Interior Detailing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Model Making
  • 3ds Max - Rendered Live Views and Carona


  • Graduation Project- Any topic
  • Research Methodology ( Black book)
  • Project Management
  • Critical Skills and Industry Readiness II
  • Model Making
  • Portfolio Management and V-Ray

Career Prospects for Interior Designers

Interior designers have a wealth of career opportunities, spanning from residential and commercial design to specialized areas like sustainable design and spatial innovation. They can work in design firms, architecture agencies, or independently, creating functional and aesthetic spaces. With a growing emphasis on personalized and eco-friendly designs, the scope for interior designers to innovate and impact various sectors, including hospitality, healthcare, and corporate environments, continues to expand, offering a diverse and fulfilling career path.

Indicative Job Roles and Opportunities on Program Completion

  • Residential Interior Designer
  • Commercial Interior Designer
  • Hospitality Interior Designer
  • Healthcare Interior Designer
  • Retail Interior Designer
  • Corporate Interior Designer
  • Exhibition/Event Designer
  • Sustainable Design Consultant
  • Furniture Designer
  • Set Designer (for Film/TV)
  • Educator/Instructor
  • Color Consultant
  • Lighting Designer
  • Kitchen & Bath Designer
  • Freelance Interior Designer
  • Facility Manager
  • Real Estate Staging Professional

Professional Certifications available within the B.Des in Interior Design Program

Pursue more than just a degree by acquiring professional certifications in cutting-edge courses that align with industry demands. This strategic approach ensures you're fully equipped and ready to thrive in your career immediately after graduation.


Value-Added Certifications

  • Adobe Certified Professional - Visual Design
  • Autodesk Certified User - Autocad
  • Autodesk Certified User - 3DX Max
  • Certification in Sustainable Design
  • Sketchup Fundamentals
  • 3DS MAX - V-Ray
  • ChatGPT Prompt Engineering
  • Graphic Design - Midjourney, Firefly, GPT, Bard
  • Room gpt (AI)
  • Reroom ai (AI)


All students undergo a mandatory 5-month internship, and a one month long Live Project. This real world work experience and networking with industry is invaluable at the time of final placement.

100% Placement Assurance

The program is designed to provide students with an option of working in India or settling and working in the UK or Canada.

Retail Symposium

Placement in India

The comprehensive blend of a 5-month mandatory internship and dynamic events like Neo Spark, Art ConFab, Think Tank, Discover Design, Retail Symposium, and Oorja plays a crucial role in shaping students into industry-ready professionals. These initiatives offer invaluable practical exposure, merging academic learning with real-world applications, which sharpens their professional capabilities. Furthermore, these experiences enable students to weave a network within the industry and understand its operational nuances, greatly boosting their employability. This deliberate approach to embedding practical experience within the curriculum ensures that graduates are not just academically knowledgeable but are primed and attractive to employers, embodying the qualities of versatile, placement-ready candidates.
The Art ConFab

Placement in the UK or Canada

Upon completing their studies, graduates can avail themselves of a Post Study Work Visa lasting 2-3 years. The institution offers job placement support to assist in this transition. Furthermore, there's the potential for graduates to pursue Permanent Residency (PR) or extend their visa, opening the door to longer-term opportunities in the country of study. The Global Academic pathway not only enhances their career prospects but also allows them to establish a more permanent foothold, should they choose to do so.

Esteemed Recruiters from ITM Institute of Design & Media


Eligibility and How to Apply

Are you ready for All You Can Be?



Candidates must have passed 10+2 from a recognized university/board from any stream (arts, commerce, science).


Entrance Test Scores & Portfolio

UCEED, NIFT and NID scores are accepted.
In case you do not have any of the above, you may write the ITM IDM Entrance Test comprising of four sections:

  • General Aptitude Test (G.A.T.): This section, comprising 30 multiple-choice questions, evaluates candidates' proficiency in logical reasoning, numerical skills, and verbal ability.
  • Creative Ability Test (C.A.T.): Consisting of 20 multiple-choice questions, this segment assesses candidate’s innovative problem-solving skills.
  • Design Impromptu Test (D.I.T.): This component is of 30 marks, presents situational challenges provided at the time of exam to gauge candidates adaptability and response strategies.
  • Portfolio Assessment and Personal Interview (P.I.): This section is of 20 marks which evaluates candidates progress and development through a collection of their work and a personal interview.

How to apply

STEP -1 Register yourself on the link : Apply Here

STEP -2 Confirm and verify your email id and contact number through an OTP.

STEP -3 Fill in the Application

STEP -4 Complete the payment formalities by online payment of Rs.1500/- and your application is complete. Download a pdf copy of the application for your reference.


Selection Criteria

Students are evaluated on multiple factors including past academic performance, entrance test score, portfolio and personal interview. No one factor is more important than the other. Students are evaluated based on their overall performance and enthusiasm for the program.



The results will be declared within one week of the entrance exam and will be communicated to candidates via email and phone

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About ITM Institute of Design & Media (ITM IDM)

Since its establishment in 1991, ITM Business School has delivered an AICTE-approved PGDM program for over three decades. Aspiring to be a global leader in professional education, ITM is dedicated to providing forward-thinking, top-tier education with a focus on discipline and societal relevance in an inspiring setting. Presently, approximately 15,000 students are enrolled across diverse programs, poised to make significant impacts in their lives.

ITM Institute of Design and Media (ITM IDM), founded in 2010, stands as one of India's premier design institutes. Expanding beyond its initial focus as the ITM Institute of Fashion, Design, and Technology, this venture, established in collaboration with esteemed global educators, carries forward its legacy with an extended scope. ITM IDM harnesses its educational prowess to offer comprehensive full-time degree programs from two locations: Andheri, Mumbai, and Nerul, Navi Mumbai. The Andheri campus presents B.Des programs in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Visual Communication, Animation & VFX, and UX Design, while the Navi Mumbai campus offers B.Sc (Hons) degrees in Game Design & Development, Animation and VFX, and Digital Filmmaking and VFX.