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what are diffrence between PGDM and MBA

Many people seem extremely confused about the difference between PGDM and MBA. It is best to clear your confusion and know exactly what you are applying for to improve your scope in the career. That is why here we have clearly classified the courses for candidates to understand better.


PGDM is the short form for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. MBA is Masters in Business Administration. While there are few colleges which offer MBA Courses, most others offer a PGDM Course.

Why the Number of Colleges Offering MBA are few?

The Indian Law allows only a University to provide an MBA Course. This is the same law that allows only certain universities to provide a BTech course while most other provide only a BE. This is the reason why many of the institutes that are not affiliated with universities provide pgdm in india and not an MBA.

As we have already read in the full form, PGDM is a post graduate diploma course and not a degree in the true sense of the word. These are given by autonomous institutes that are not affiliated with universities. There are benefits in this too. We have listed down some of these merits for your reference:

  • The syllabus is updated regularly and ma include curriculum relevant to the modern industry unlike in universities where the curriculum remains same for decades.
  • Some MBA Colleges have earned a brand value and yet PGDM Courses can provide you the same or even more knowledge if you are willing to take efforts.
  • In the Indian scenario, both PGDM and MBA have equal opportunities. This means that it really does not matter whether you have an MBA or a PGDM, if you possess the skills you will be hired.
  • If you have done the PGDM Course from a reputed B School, there is high scope for bagging the right jobs even globally.
  • If you are planning to study further, the chances maybe greater if you have a proper MBA.

Understanding all the listed facts, it is for you to decide which course to pursue. There is no lack of options if you have decided your career path. True passion is definitely a key ingredient in any career. If you are not passionate about your career, the degrees alone will never help you succeed. Career choices are not made in a day. Take your time to research and analyse before you decide the course.