Why would you join the PG diploma courses after your graduation?
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A postgraduate diploma course comes in handy while applying for various job positions as it adds another feather to your cap and makes you preferable to your employer over other competing candidates. In India, a plethora of PG diploma courses are available with different specializations, like the sciences, the humanities, information technology, and commerce fields. So you can choose a post graduate diploma course in psychology, biochemistry, environmental engineering, fine arts, bioinformatics, homeopathy, forensics & criminology, social sciences & social work, geotechnical engineering, pharmacy & medicine, cardiology, and geotechnical engineering. Apart from that, if you have interest in management then you can go for PGDM in finance, banking, insurance, marketing, logistics, human resource or international business.

Reasons for doing post graduate courses in India:

Most of these courses are designed as vocational courses, meaning they teach you certain skills on a particular area and you need to choose the specialization according to your interest. Many PG diploma courses in India are also interdisciplinary. Gone are the days when areas of study were put in watertight compartments. In today’s employment market, interdisciplinary courses are in high demand because they can provide you wide knowledge and cover different areas of specialization.

In India, it is easier to apply for these courses as majority of them require prior qualification in any subject. But to attend the post graduate courses in science and technology, you need to secure at least 50% marks with the same subjects in your graduation. However, to know more about different post graduate courses, you can contact with some reputed institutes and they will assist you to choose the best course according to your needs.

Duration of the courses

The time required to complete PG diploma courses in India usually ranges from 1 year to 2 years, but there are courses that require 4 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months, and 3 years as well, depending on the specific course.

Eligibility criteria

It is a misconception among many that vocational diploma courses in India can be pursued by graduates alone. Many courses can be undertaken by candidates who have passed the 12th standard board examination. The minimum possible criteria for admission to PG diploma courses is the successful completion of the 10th class board exam under any certified state / central / private board.

While it may not be mandatory for all, some courses can be done only if a candidate is able to pass certain national or state level screening tests. The acceptability of the test courses rests with the discretion of the concerned university.