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Food is an essential aspect of the hospitality industry. ITM’s premier hotel management institute, proliferates this philosophy with its splendid food production faculty and HOD. The recent coverage of their recipes by leading publication Mumbai Mirror is an evidence that their tasty, mouth-watering delicacies are exotic yet simple for all kinds of readers to try and enjoy.

Taking ITM news to a new height, recipes by Chef Yogesh Amin, HOD Food Production, ITM IHM, and Chef Shrikala Sawant, Lecturer, ITM IHM were covered in the Holi festival – week of Mumbai Mirror. While Chef Amin tempted all readers with a healthily – delicious version of baked corn-kachoris, Chef Shrikala reinvented traditional Malpuas with ghee and paneer, adding an oomph with her secret ingredient, the Kewra essence. Made with easily available ingredients, both recipes can be conveniently tried at home, even without the excuse of a festival. One can look through this holi-article by the newspaper to read through the preparation in detail and skim through other exciting dishes.

ITM Mumbai Mirror news Corn Kachoris recipe by Chef Yogesh Amin, HOD Food Production | Image

ITM’s Mumbai Mirror news also extended to the ten-day festival of Navratri. In this edition, tasty and easy to cook, fasting recipes were covered, since most people in the city ate only fruits or falhar during the festival. Chef Vini Shivkar, ITM IHM, who has been working in ITM as a food production faculty since 2017 shared her unusual recipe of Upasachi Kachodis to be served with sweetened curd, alongside a crisp video coverage of its making.

ITM Mumbai Mirror newsMalpua Recipe Shared by Chef Shrikala Sawant, Lecturer, ITM IHM | Image

In an age where gourmet food is increasingly becoming regular, improvising everyday recipes to complement festive fervor can add a fresh flavor to traditional gatherings, something the faculty at IHM, can teach and do well.

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