Sonali Ghosalkar

Year 2018
Courses : B.Des Fashion Design

About my collection

Inspiration: The russian doll that are made out od wood and decreases in size as you get to the center of the doll.
Russian Doll also known as Matryoshka dolls, that are made out of wood and varies in size from inside having the innermost doll being particularly a baby or a child. Similarly, every adult has an inner child in them that's stays locked in as the person grows up due to circumstances or etc issues. We must always have our inner child breathing and alive within us, cherishing it and embracing it. But this doomed to failure. the past traumas, sadness disappointments and depression cannot be changed and must be accepted. becoming an adult means swallowing this "bitter pill"
Fabrics: Crepe, Cotton Satin
Look/Silhouette:The collection has a semi- formal look with blazers, skirts, tops, trouser

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