Shrishti Rajput

Year 2018
Courses : B.Des Fashion Design

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Inspiration: Oyster
The oyster didn't ask for pain(grain of sand) but it was given, as an intruder such as a grain of sand enters inside the oyster. Eventually the unwanted pain comes out to be its asset in the end in the form of a pearl. Similarly whenever an unwanted problem comes in ones life, instead of giving up or running away from the problem one should face it. If you work hard one day your pain and sufferings will become a pearl too. After all magic happens when you do not give up, even though you want to. An oyster (a person) who was not injured, will never produce pearls (good outcome). In the end it's you who has to decide
Fabrics: Satin, Duchess satin, Linen
Look/Silhouette: Cocktail Party satin, Stretch satin , Pure silk, Slub silk, Organza, Shimmer georgette, Lycra net, Embellished net

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