Saba Gulsha

Year 2018
Courses : B.Des Fashion Design

About my collection

Inspiration transformation of a butterfly from pupa to a fully grown butterfly
The beautiful transition that the butterfly goes through to grow into an adult and face the world is something that I could relate myself with. I could relate the transformation of the butterfly to myself, so as to how I transformed as an individual in the past three years after coming into ITM. The transformation has been a blissful one. I have developed as a person for better. From being that introvert girl who had a lot of restrictions and who didn't talk to anyone to becoming a much more confident and opinionated person who can speak up her mind. The transformation that I went through is divided into four stages
Fabrics:Linen satin,Cotton satin,Net,Jersey
Look/Silhouette: There is a mix of structural and flowy silhouettes.

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