Hotel Management Degree is the new trend amongst Under Graduates
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What is hotel management course?

hotel management along with hospitality management, has now become one of the most popular courses of study after class XII. This field enables the learners to become efficient hoteliers and managers through specialized management techniques. The students of this course are able to understand and learn the essentials of hotel administration, food, eco-tourism, marketing, accounts, front office, housekeeping and beverage management, maintenance, catering, management and business administration during the course.

Skill sets required for hotel management after 12th:

If one is interested in studying hotel management after 12 then the following eligibility criteria should be fulfilled by the student. These include:

  • Communication skill: the student must be fluent in vernacular and a foreign language and have the ability to speak well.
  • Pleasing personality: the student should have a polite and well-mannered attitude that will help to please clients.
  • Teamwork: one should have the team spirit to work together and manage things well
  • Awareness of business and financial issues: in order to become an hotelier having prior knowledge in business management and finance management is important.
  • Creativity: one must have the creative talent of arranging and making things joining a number of distant possibilities to enhance beauty of the hotel or workplace.
  • Good organizational skill: good organization calls for perfection thereby, taking the business to its zenith.

Courses offered under hotel management:

1. Associate of science in hotel management:

Students in this course receive business-related classes. Here the students get the opportunity of gaining knowledge in all aspects of the field, including, accounting, marketing and advertising, developing skills in menu planning, purchasing and other aspects of food service operations. This course helps the student to develop the following skills:

  • Accounting
  • Hospitality
  • Food and beverage operations
  • Marketing
  • Nutrition
  • Managerial finance

2. Bachelor of Science in hotel management:

This program enables the student to gear up for better managerial or supervisory positions in the field. Here, students get to learn a varied amount of things, such as to supervise, manage inventory, work with vendors, develop marketing plans, oversee information technology options, set rates and manage employees. Paid internships are part of these courses. This course inculcates the following skills among students:

  • Marketing management
  • Labor relations
  • Convention and meeting planning
  • Hotel operations
  • Business and hospitality law
  • Purchasing

Due to growth in hospitality and tourism industry one gets a number of career options by studying hotel management after 12. They can get a huge exposure in hotel industries in India and abroad. They can work as event planners, hotel managers, catering managers, sales directors, regional managers and even as luxury resort managers.