Guest Lecture – HR Department (PGDM- 19-21)
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Topic: Strategies to manage millennials expectations at workplace

About the speaker: In a career spanning over 21 years, Sanjay has worked with various organizations like Taj Hotels, Siemens, AXA and Capita. His professional experience spans across diverse areas – Strategic Planning, Large Account Delivery, Operations Management, Business Process re-engineering, Framework implementation, Solution Designing, Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Change Management, Delivering Technical and Behavioural Training, Devising & Implementing Learning and Development Strategies, Building High Performing Culture and High Performing Teams!
After graduating in Hotel Management, Sanjay completed Diploma in Training & Development, from Indian Society for Training and Development, Executive General Management Program from IIM, Bangalore, Advanced Human Resources Program from IIM, Ahmedabad and Strategy Implementation from ISB, Hyderabad.
Currently, Sanjay is leading the People & Culture function as the Senior Vice President for Sterling India responsible for Training & Development, Talent Management, Leadership development, Succession planning, Organization development and creating highly motivated and engaged workforce.

About the session: The speaker spoke about how millennials in the organizations should be handled, by Creating a Strong Company Culture, offering a Work-Life Balanced Environment, providing Leadership and Guidance, taking Advantage of Their Tech Savviness, recognizing Their Work, crafting a Future That Gets Them Excited, encouraging Collaboration, allowing Them to be Leaders. Further he spoke about how companies after having best people and business strategies still fail by giving examples of Kodak and Blackberry.

He spoke about different types of managers i.e., first are quickly adapting who adapt to the changes within the organizations quickly, second are still shifting who try to adapt but can’t, and third are struggling who are gen X and gen Y people in the organization.

He then spoke about VUCA and how companies are adopting VUCA i.e., volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Volatility is the quality of being subject to frequent, rapid and significant change. In a volatile market, for example, the prices of commodities can rise or fall considerably in a short period of time, and the direction of a trend may reverse suddenly. Uncertainty is a component of that situation, in which events and outcomes are unpredictable. Complexity involves a multiplicity of issues and factors, some of which may be intricately interconnected. (Some models also include chaotic, making the acronym VUCA.) Ambiguity is manifested in a lack of clarity and the difficulty of understanding exactly what the situation is.

The speaker also spoke about how the companies are transforming with the coming millennial generation in the organizations and what are the features of millennials. Millennials are transparent, they tend to look for more honesty, meaning, and flexibility in the teams they work for. Honest, transparent leadership is one of the main leadership traits they value. Millennials are flexible, tech savvy, they are born in the digital world and so are innovative, multi taskers and dynamic. In the end the speaker spoke about the employee engagement and employee feedback by quoting Harvard’s study that how giving feedbacks to employees is useless as they become more inefficient.