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A grand and memorable event, the ‘FIFA LA FIESTA’ was organised on 31st January, 2014 at the ITM-IHM Kharghar campus. It was a platform to showcase brotherhood and
sportsmanship. Nearly 500 people attended the event and cherished each and every part of it.

A theme dinner was organised which had a blend of varied cuisines with 66 dishes on buffet, cultural activities and mesmerising ambience. The event, organised by third year students, was a grand success as the schedule took place as per plan which was made two months prior to the celebration. There was proper co-ordination between the first year and the third year students which helped the smooth flow of the event. Being a management college, ITM-IHM has created a benchmark by incorporating the core values and skills needed for future managers and leaders. It was a challenge to organise this event with proper planning and execution. Our students applied their practical skills in organising and executing the event. Making a memorable event along with creating value for money, entertainment, quality of service, hospitality and love, were the core values which were delivered through this theme dinner. There were various departments functioning under the general manager and each
student was a part of it. All were given their targets and responsibilities, turning them in to responsible organisers. Yes, indeed, the success is not just spoken from our hard work or experience, but by our guests who cherished each and every part of it. We are pleased to be a part of ITM-IHM as it is a family where we grow by learning and doing something innovative each time.
It is a proud moment for us as we have.
been successful in creating and delivering experience which will last for a life time, which we delivered with warmth and guest satisfaction by showing what is hospitality and creating a bench mark for years to come.

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