Why choose fashion designing colleges for progressive career?
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fashion designing colleges
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India, a country that has become a hub for fashion with designers like Rohit Bal, Sabyasachi and Rocky S making their mark in the global arena, it is picking up as one of the progressive career fields approached by individuals today. Fashion designing colleges offer practical and theoretical learnings of fashion couture. The college incorporates knowledge base about different styles of fashion existing in this world and enhances learning about different culture couture. Fashion designing colleges are not limited to designing of clothes, they also cover design curriculum about accessories such as footwear, handbags, belts and eyewear.

There are several fashion designing colleges in India however choosing the right one for a progressive career should be your prerogative. The institution should have an established reputation, the eligibility criteria for the college should match yours, it should have all the equipments and facilities to make you adept at your chosen field and seasoned professional staff to make you learn about the different aspects of designing.

Learning concepts of design at fashion designing colleges


The intricate patterns that are applied in an aesthetic manner as influenced by socio-economic culture of the location and time is the work of a designer.

The two separate concepts of designing are based on the model of individualist designing and mass designing.

Individualist designing

Merchandise designed for individuals like haute couture or bespoke tailoring is known as individualist designing. These are merchandise that are mostly designed for famous celebrities or elite gentry. The specific industry requirement urges you to get specialised knowledge by enrolling in the best fashion designing colleges and understanding the trends and fabric used for this gentry. The patterns and colours are usually unique and these are steeply priced.

Mass designing

Fashion designing colleges hold fashion shows for showcasing merchandise that has been designed for particular season for bourgeois classes. These designs are usually inexpensive and cater to the trends followed by masses. The patterns and styles are usual and are mostly used as everyday wear. A wide array of colours and combination of material is used for designing these which make it aesthetically appealing and budget friendly for the masses.

The industry of fashion is rapidly growing and in order to ensure you have the right skills to become professional of this field you need to enrol in the best fashion designing institute.