An Industrial visit to the Parle G Factory
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Our dedication to providing our students only the best and supporting them in their pursuit of various managerial concepts and knowledge recently saw our ITM University students on an industrial visit to one of one of the most popular FMCG brands: Parle G – which G started its entrepreneurial journey in 1929 and has progressed

with the market trends and preferences!

Today, Parle G has marked its presence in across urban and rural segments and has gained a sustainable advantage through strategic innovation, competitive price and working style. This visit has also provided them a way to make better informed decisions regarding the selection of their sectors for SIP, IIP and future projects and also in choosing specializations for later semester.
Through this visit, students were exposed to various managerial concepts such as production, economies of scale, labour management and industrial regulations. The visit also saw the students being accompanied by members of the faculty of School of Management and Research and 29 students of MBA II Semester.
The press release for this visit was published in almost all local newspapers alongside photographs. The visit concluded on the same day with much satisfaction among the students.
The total expense incurred during the visit was Rs 70/- only.

58 Comments on "An Industrial visit to the Parle G Factory"

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