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ITM has been at the forefront of progressive management education and professional development for over 23 years. Being a pioneer in Management Education sector, ITM have earned the respect and recognition of India Inc. as a source of highly trained professional talent. Over the last 12 years, ITM-Business Schools have consistently ranked among the top 25 Business Schools in India by reputed Research Surveys and Business Magazines. Our programs have got an “A” grade accreditation from NAAC and NBA in India as it is very innovative and is abreast of the latest industrial need. ITM offers 2 year full time AICTE approved programs, along with professional development courses and prospective careers, in a nutshell.

Radically different

The ITM-PGDM Evolution
Over the years, the ITM-PGDM has evolved as an intense, demanding program that has launched  careers of thousands of students in India and internationally. Our alumni have attained top positions at companies across the spectrum. In fact, our alumnus from early batches are hold key strategic positions, many being CEOs and Directors across industries or successful entrepreneurs.

As the world of business and technology collided, the complexity of the business environment demanded aspiring managers to be more knowledgeable in wide array of areas. The ITM-PGDM  offers 25 courses over a two year program schedule. Delivering such innovative and progressive courses across various subject areas has been the foundation of the ITM-PGDM program and has also given it an edge in the industrial sector..
Essentially, the sheer mass of business knowledge and technological progress has overtaken the capability of any MBA program. At ITM, we realize the implication of this on how we teach and develop our students. Since it’s rollout in 1991 the ITM-PGDM has always challenged its strategic intent as a product in the Higher Education Market, redefining its value proposition, taking cognizance of the very demanding market it caters to through:

  • A detailed Needs Assessment
  • Understanding of the Business Environment
  • Advancements in the Technology Environment
  • Appraising the Competition in the market
Two Year PGDM iConnect programs
ITM-Business School

Bengaluru, Chennai, , Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Warangal, Greater Noida
PGDM iConnect with following specializations:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management*
  • Supply Chain & Operations Management*
  • Information Technology (IT)*
  • Marketing & Digital Media*
  • Hospitality Management*
*Specialization options are campus specific.
ITM- Global Leadership Centre

[Chennai, Navi Mumbai]

  • PGDM iConnect Retail Management & Marketing (RMM) - Navi Mumbai
  • PGDM iConnect Human Resource Management (HR) - Navi Mumbai
  • PGDM iConnect International Business (IB) – Navi Mumbai
  • PGDM iConnect International Business (IB) - Chennai
ITM- Institute of Financial Markets

[Navi Mumbai]

  • PGDM iConnect Financial Markets (FM)

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