The ITM-PGDM iConnect> - Human Resource Management program has come to fruition because the HR function has grown to become key component of organizational strategy. Today, the industry demands HR professionals who are capable of seeing the bigger picture and helping organizations gain a competitive edge with a global workforce.

In today’s changing scenario, the Human Resource function is responsible for building an intricate web comprising recruitment, mentoring, training and employee performance & management. As businesses constantly evolve, the dynamics of HR must also keep up. An organization’s most valued assets are the people who work there and contribute effectively and collectively to the business.

With the iConnect Core, students of the HRM program will benefit from in-depth exposure to the HR function, from strategy to execution and operations. With a strong foundation in HRM practice, students of this program are poised to take up accelerated roles in HRM at India’s top companies and HR Consulting firms.

PGDM iConnect - HR program of ITM is a focused program as it gives deep insight into the core HR courses right from the beginning of the program. Specialized courses such as Leadership, HR Planning and Audit, HR Decision Making, Law related courses, Strategic HRM are part of the curriculum. These are supported by workshops and seminars on Motivation, Team Building, Balanced Scorecard and Transactional Analysis, which prepare our students for strategic HR positions in the corporate sector.

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