Founded in 2002, ITM Institute of Hotel Management has made landmark progress and has made an impact in the hospitality scenario.
The ITM Group of Institution has grown with leaps and bounds in the past few years.  The Hospitality arm of ITM has expanded and adding to the two existing campuses in Nerul, Navi Mumbai and Bangalore, is the Oshiwara campus in Mumbai.

ITM-IHM Campuses

Nerul, Navi Mumbai

Located 40 kms away from the International Airport at Sahar and 5kms away from the upcoming airport at Panvel, in the sylvan & picturesque environs at Nerul, Navi Mumbai, ITM-IHM provides the perfect ambience for pursuit of academic excellence. Courses offered are BA in International Hospitality & Tourism Management from Queen Margaret University, B.Sc (Hospitality Studies) from Mumbai University.


Located in the western suburbs of Mumbai, the state of the art campus offers BA International in Hospitality and Tourism from Queen Margaret University. These two programmes empower the students to be readily employed in the wide range of Hospitality, Tourism and Service sectors.

At ITM-IHM, we emphasise the concept of an international curriculum especially relevant as an evolving logic to respond to intensifying world-wide competition which drives customers' demand for value and leaves hospitality managers little room for error. To bring out our philosophy a few of our aims & objectives are highlighted below:

Our aims
To offer industry relevant curriculum to meet the ever growing demands of the service sector.
To encourage reading and research to meet effective quality assurance standards for a well structured progression of the student's career path.
To encourage students to critically reflect on theoretical & practical approaches to behavior, work & organization, in the Hospitality Industry.
To provide students with the ability to cultivate, establish and fulfill human needs to identify and solve profession related problems in creative way and to perceive the significance of social, economic and environmental influences as they relate to the hospitality Industry.

IHM Navi Mumbai
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