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List of Courses after 12th Science


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Wondering what's next after 12th in the science stream? It's not just about engineering or medicine anymore – there's a world of possibilities. There are plenty of options, regardless of your preference for non-medical. From biotechnology to liberal arts, the spectrum is broad. In this blog, we've handpicked a list of courses after 12th science that redefine the norm, offering insights into the best career options after 12th science. Find out about a world of opportunities by checking out this carefully chosen list, where any course might serve as a springboard for a fulfilling professional path. Get ready to discover your path in the professional courses after 12th science landscape. Let's explore together! 


List of Courses after 12th Science:

Discover a range of options in the science stream with a curated list of courses after 12th science. From B.Tech to B.Sc., this compilation encompasses some of the best career options after 12th science across diverse fields like engineering, healthcare, and technology. Look at this comprehensive list to find the ideal career after 12th science that aligns with your passions and aspirations. 

  • B.Sc. Hospitality Studies
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry
  • B. Sc. (Hons.) Biology
  • B. Sc. Microbiology
  • B. Sc. Biochemistry
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics
  • B. Sc. (Hons.) Zoology
  • B. Sc. (Hons.) Botany
  • B. Sc. Psychology
  • B. Sc. Nutrition and dietetics
  • B. Sc. Information Technology
  • B. Sc. Food Science and Technology
  • B. Sc. Anthropology
  • B.Tech/ B.E.
  • B.Arch
  • B.F. Tech
  • BCA
  • Basic Nursing Course
  • Bachelor in Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine
  • MBBS
  • B.Pharma


Courses after 12th Science PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)

Upon passing the 12th Science PCM, you can access a world of opportunities. After 12th science courses list for PCM includes: 

  • Bachelors of Science in Medical Lab Technology
  • Bachelor of Technology (BE/BTech)
  • Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)
  • Bachelor of Science (in Pure Sciences)
  • Bachelor in Computer Applications (IT and Software)
  • Bachelor of Science (in IT & Software)
  • B.F.Tech (Bachelor of Fashion Technology)


The list of specializations in sub-stream courses are:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Ceramic Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering


Courses after 12th Science PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)

The need for medical experts in the ever-growing healthcare industry is rising. Although many students with a background in PCB usually think of a few alternatives for further education, many more options are available regarding job prospects. Here's a list of courses after 12th Science PCB that opens doors to diverse opportunities:


List of Specialization B.Sc. Courses after 12th PCB:

Selecting a B.Sc. program with a focused study area is advantageous while pursuing a prosperous career. Interested students can effectively launch their professional careers with various specialities offered in B.Sc. and B.Tech programs. The following B.Sc. courses provide valuable academic insights, opening doors for students to study and explore their passions:

  • B.Sc. in Biotechnology
  • B.Sc. in Biomedical Technology
  • B.Sc. in Biology/Botany/Zoology
  • B.Sc. Microbiology
  • B.Sc. Psychology
  • B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics
  • B.Sc. in Forensic Science
  • B.Sc. Food Science and Technology
  • B.Sc. in Bioinformatics
  • Bachelor in Physiotherapy


Top In-Demand Courses after 12th Science

Here is the list of other in-demand courses after 12th Science;

  • B. Design
  • B.Sc. in Data Science
  • B.Sc. Nuclear Science
  • B.Sc. Liberal Arts
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics
  • B. Pharma
  • B.Sc. Forensic Science
  • Bachelor of Business Studies
  • Bachelor of Statistics
  • B.A. English (Hons.)
  • BSW (Bachelor of Social Work)
  • BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication)
  • Integrated Law Courses
  • Integrated B.Ed Courses

Discover the best career options after 12th science with this diverse list, offering a gateway to exciting academic and professional pursuits.


Other courses after 12th Science

The benefit of experiencing various excellent courses in various concentrations is extended to students in both the medical and non-medical streams. Below are details about these courses, offering valuable insights into alternative careers after the 12th Science.


Diploma Courses after 12th Science

Diploma courses provide an excellent option for students looking to kickstart their professional journey soon after 12th Science. These quick qualifications offer hands-on training and an industry-focused curriculum, paving the way for a swift entry into the professional arena. Explore a range of diploma courses after 12th commerce, including:

  • Diploma in Patisserie and Confectionary
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Diploma in Engineering
  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Diploma in any foreign languages
  • Diploma in Radiological Technology
  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
  • Diploma in Education Technology
  • Diploma in Biotechnology
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Interior Designing
  • Diploma in Animation
  • Diploma in Advertising
  • Diploma in Hotel Management


List of Non-Science Courses after 12th

Expanding your horizons beyond the science stream after completing 12th brings a variety of options. Whether a B.A. in English or a B.Sc. in Design, these courses offer exciting career options after 12th science that extend beyond the conventional paths. Here's a list of non-science courses, providing some of the best courses after 12th science.

These diverse options cater to both medical (PCB and PCM) and non-medical fields, allowing students to align their course choices with their interests and career goals.

Career and Job Options after 12th Science

For students opting for science after class 12, numerous career opportunities await. Here are some job profiles and career options after 12th Science to consider:

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (B Pharma) - Career Opportunities: Research and Development, Higher education lecturer, Science writer, Clinical research associate, etc.
  • BE/BTech - Career Opportunities: Computer Science Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Automobile Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, etc.
  • BSc (Science) - Career Opportunities: Scientist, Teaching, Biotechnologist, Government jobs, etc.
  • Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) - Career Opportunities: Architect, Architecture Engineer, Interior Design, Architecture Draftsman, etc.
  • BCA (IT & Software) - Career Opportunities: Software developer, Computer Programmer, Software engineer, Database Administrator, Web Design and development, etc.
  • BSc (IT & Software) - Career Opportunities: IT Engineer, Systems Engineer, Database Security Professional, Database Manager, etc.
  • Post Basic BSc Nursing - Career Opportunities: Clinical Nursing and Public Health Nursing
  • MBBS - Career Opportunities: MD/MS, Diploma, Masters in Health Administration, Clinical Research, etc.



The world of opportunities after 12th science is vast, offering many courses catering to diverse interests including options provided by ITM Group of Institution (ITM). Whether you lean towards B. Tech, B.Sc., or specialized fields like data science and liberal arts, there's a course tailored to your passion. Non-science options like B.A. in English and B.Com (Hons.) also provide exciting career paths - specializations in PCM and PCB streams and diploma courses open doors to focused careers after 12th science. The blog emphasizes the importance of aligning your choices with your interests and career goals. From computer science engineering to healthcare professions, these courses offer a gateway to a fulfilling future, providing the skills and knowledge needed for success in the professional arena. Choose wisely and embark on a journey that resonates with your aspirations. 



What are the popular courses after 12th Science?

Popular courses after 12th Science include:

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • Bachelor of Optometry
  • Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
  • Bachelor of Computer Applications
  • Nursing
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Engineering


Which course is best after 12th science with a high salary?

Courses with the highest salary potential after 12th Science include Medicine/MBBS, Engineering, LLB (Bachelor of Law), Bachelor in Statistics, Bachelor in Computer Application, Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management, and B.Sc in IT and Software.


Which Commerce courses are available for students with 12th Science?

Commerce courses available for students with 12th Science include:

  • BBA
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Company Secretary
  • B.Com Marketing
  • Bachelor of Event Management
  • BA Economics
  • Bachelor of Accounting and Finance
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • B.A LLB
  • Banking
  • Cost and Management Accountant
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Designing


Which is the best BSc course?

The best BSc courses include BSc Biotechnology, BSc Computer Science, BSc Agriculture, BSc Biochemistry, BSc Nursing, BSc Information Technology, etc.


Which entrance exams can I take after 12th Science?

Entrance exams you can take after 12th Science include: JEE Main, NEET, JEE Advanced, NATA, AIIMS, CLAT, AILET, etc.


Which courses can I opt for after 12th PCB?

Courses you can opt for after 12th PCB include: MBBS, Dentistry, BAMS, Bachelor of Pharmacy, BDS, Nursing, Environmental science, Microbiology, Botany, etc.


What should I do after the 12th Science PCM?

After the 12th Science PCM, you can consider the following career options: Software Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Data Scientist, Mathematician, Pharmacist, etc.


Which is the easiest course after 12th Science?

The easiest course after 12th Science can vary based on individual preferences and strengths. For many, Biology is considered a relatively easiest science course as it focuses on the study of living organisms and their environments.

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