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5 Best Countries to Study Culinary Arts Abroad


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Well, we can’t agree more. In fact, food is probably the only universal thing that ties all cultures and ethnicities together. No matter where you are, the need and excitement for food remain the same. This is also why the demand for culinary experts has been steadily rising for years now.

So, if you have a passion for cooking and creativity comes naturally to you, making a career in culinary arts is the perfect career choice for you. There are some of the best culinary schools abroad as well as in India where you can study for a diploma, bachelor’s, or master’s program in culinary arts.

In this blog, we will focus on the which country is best for culinary arts to give a kickstart to your career in culinary arts.

Which Is The Best Countries To Study Culinary Arts?

The USA is the best country if you want to study Culinary Arts Course from the best culinary schools in the world. The quality of culinary education & training is top-notch in the USA and the number of opportunities.

Apart from the USA, Europe and New Zealand are the next favorite study destinations to study culinary arts. In Europe, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Greece have some of the best culinary schools in the world, offering cooking courses for international students.

Top 5 Best Countries To Study Culinary Arts Abroad

1. The United States of America

Without a doubt, the USA is one of the best study destinations for all the aspiring chefs out there. Whether you are looking for summer culinary programs for college students or want to enroll in a master’s in culinary arts abroad, the USA has some great culinary schools in almost every state. Moreover, the culinary schools here provide various culinary courses ranging from food science, culinary management, international wine studies, and probably a dozen more. 

 List of top culinary schools in the USA

  • Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York
  • Boston University
  • Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, Austin, Texas
  • Kendall College of Culinary Arts, Chicago
  • Johnson and Wales University, Florida

2. Switzerland

Switzerland is the favorite European study destination for those who aspire to make a career in culinary arts. The country has gained popularity due to its unique geography and some of the best study abroad culinary programs. Switzerland is located between France, Italy, & Germany, providing it with the perfect blending of various European cuisines. Moreover, excellent culinary schools, picturesque landscapes, and expert faculty make it the best country to study culinary arts.

List of top culinary schools in Switzerland

  • Culinary Arts Academy, Switzerland
  • International Culinary Institute, Switzerland
  • HTML, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute, Switzerland
  • Swiss Education Academy – Swiss Culinary Club
  • BHMS- Culinary Arts School

3. Peru

With one of the most delicious cuisines and exquisite dishes with raw & exotic ingredients, Peru is the top country in South America for culinary schools. Studying in Peru will let you explore a variety of traditional cuisine due to geographical differences, farm-to-table cooking, and creative recipe inspirations.

List of top culinary schools in Peru, South America

  • Universidad Privada De Ciencas Aplicadas
  • La Cordon Bleu, Lima Peru
  • Pontifical Catholic Universiry of Peru
  • Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola

4. France

France is the epicenter of some of the best cuisines and famous culinary schools in the world. 

This is due to its top-notch culinary education, high-quality classroom studies, classic culinary techniques, and endless job opportunities. So, if you want to learn the science and art behind culinary arts and incorporate a complete culinary skillset for a successful career in culinary arts, France is your pick.

Culinary schools in France make the students go through strict apprenticeships and intensive internships to prepare them for any cooking position.                              

List of top culinary schools in France

  • La Cuisine Paris
  • Ecole Lenotre
  • Le Cordon Bleu
  • Farrandi Paris
  • Ecole de Cuisine Alain Duacasse

5. India

It’s impossible to mention culinary arts & hospitality without mentioning India. Due to its exquisite cuisines, variety of culinary arts programs, affordable university fees, and an unlimited number of culinary jobs, India is the top culinary destination in Asia. Due to a significant increase in tourism in Asia and specifically India, the scope of making a career in culinary arts has grown manifold in India.

Want to Make A Career in Culinary Arts in India? Choose ITM

ITM is a 30-year-old, certified, and reputable culinary arts institute in Mumbai that is now flourishing in the culinary sector. At ITM, you will study everything there is to know about culinary and baking from the most outstanding academics in India. Our teaching members are graduates of the world's top culinary schools and have worked in some of the world's most prestigious restaurants.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts program is established by industry thought leaders to instill in our students every necessary skill and prepare them to flourish as exceptional caregivers in a variety of culinary areas. Furthermore, ITM focuses on hosting frequent expert speeches, seminars, and workshops to help people improve their skills. Furthermore, ITM provides 100% placement support to all students, offering them the option to work with food industry titans like ITC, Taj, Oberois, and others.

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With ITM, you may realize your ambition of working as an F&B manager, hotel manager, or top chef at these industry titans. ITM provides our students with a high-quality education, world-class labs, highly trained teachers, experienced coaching, and 100% placement support. Our culinary arts and hotel management degree is designed to provide our students with an outstanding balance of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Discover a holistic approach to a career in culinary arts with ITM. Visit ITM Business School and explore our courses, placements, and admission policy.

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